3.8 is not my thing - please information to go back to 3.7.1 (2 posts)

  1. Peter Kegels
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Is there someone who can help me out?
    I don't like version 3.8 and have many problems with the side balk.
    Can i remove 3.8 and replace 3.7 without losing information?

  2. Yes you can HOWEVER we do not recommend this.

    We will not be providing any support for 3.7.x, nor will we apply any security patches. Plugins will cease to support it, and basically you're on your own for everything.

    If you didn't know that you can just overlay files to get back to 3.7.1, you probably don't know how to apply patches, or know how to monitor trac so you get updated to the right information for patches.

    This means you would be at high risk of hacking if you chose to do this.

    Please don't.

    If your issue is with the sidebar, please note that you can change the colors of the backend (go into your profile and there are options). Check out these:


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