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    I’m a bit skeptical about the new Dashboard with four small columns. I use some plugins that provide statistics and graphs and therefore need a little space to provide a good experience.

    So it would be great if you could choose the number of columns that you want to use, and the width of the columns in the new dashboard.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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  • I would also prefer the possibility to choose the number of columns in the new Dashboard.

    Thanks für the great work.

    I agree. My monitor is 1920×1080 and dashboard presentation in 3.8 is terrible. The boxes are four across and too small. I would much prefer larger boxes for the graphed data from Jetpack and Google Analytics. I would like to set the number of columns desired for optimal display.

    Yeah, I would have to agree… I have a weather banner in one of my boxes and currently it is sticking 3/4 of the way over the box next to it… with no way to adjust it… it kind of bites… I’m just saying… o.O

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    Any idea as to if or when an option to set the number of columns (in the dashboard) or maybe make them resizable (or set a specific permanent size) to a widget area might be possible and coming?


    Impossible to determine at this stage. Could be anything from 5 or 6 weeks if there’s a security upgrade to a few months.

    Hmmm. Ok. Thanks for letting me know.

    PS: Just another commment. It would be really nice if users could select from a color palette and choose their own colors for the dashboard. The color schemes that come pre-set, are just not the best when it comes to “accessibility”. Meaning, the contrast between the colors is often not very clean and clear when you try to read the text. So, it would just be nice if the user could select and create their own color schemes. (If this is already possible, I didn’t notice how.) Thanks.



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    Admin color options are under your user profile.

    Yes, but I only see 8 options and the only one that is really good for “accessibility” is the “light” option. All other’s can be difficult to use if your eyesight is challenged.

    I haven’t tried it, but someone claims to have come up with a solution:

    By the way, though: anyone else notice that categories and tags are now MIA from “At a Glance”? Anyone know how to get to them?

    the only one that is really good for “accessibility” is the “light” option

    I would have thought that the default skin would be pretty good for anyone with a visual impairment. That said, I’m hoping that it will be a lot easier to provide new admin skins for 3.8 and above. So perhaps we’ll start seeing those soon.


    Yes. I think it would just be nice if we could select our own set of color options. I think that would solve the problem. *smile*

    And I’m sure we will start seeing plugins that will allow you to do this. But first, the core changes to make this possible had to be in place.

    Amazing. All of the concerns I had after seeing my new Dashboard are posted in this thread: keeping the widget columns in a single row per previous installations, and having different color options for the dashboard pallet. (I prefer the original colors.)

    Allowing user to pick the color options (from a palette) would be much preferred to eight options I don’t like.

    Also, allowing user to set default column width / number of columns is preferable to having the dashboard select for me (and change the columns without asking when I resize my browser).

    Even more than all that, however, I used to show 10 recent comments on my dashboard Activity; now it’s just 5 and I can’t see a way to change that.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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