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[Resolved] 3.7 Beta 1 automatic background update restore deleted themes

  • I deleted twentyten, twentyeleven themes after setup WordPress. But the automatic backup keeps on restore it every time it updates itself.

    Shouldn’t it be reasonable to check before update?

    One doesn’t need 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 themes to run a site.

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  • esmi


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    The themes are shipped as part of the the default WordPress upgrade.

    It is okay to delete them manually after doing a fresh installation or manual update. But everyday you delete something it comes back, it is annoying.



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    Why are you deleting them? What’s the issue with just leaving them installed?

    If I don’t need it, I normally delete it. There is no inactive plugins and themes on my site. There is only one active theme on all my production sites.

    This is just my security practice.



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    So you don’t ensure that your site has an original copy of the current default theme? That’s rather unwise. Having access to an original, unedited, copy of the theme is vital in many situations

    If I need, I only need one. I may build a site theming 2013 child theme. But I don’t need 2010, 2011, 2012 on my server.

    Even if I keep, I keep them on development site. Which is definitely not the same server as production site.

    Until the themes are removed from core, yes, they will keep being reinstalled. This is what happens when WP upgrades, so you should totally expect it from an automatic upgrade too 🙂

    If it’s that annoying, make a plugin that, post upgrade, deletes the themes (and Hello Dolly?). I’m sure some people would like it.

    @ipstenu Good one. I am actually considering this option.

    No. If it is manual update, we can delete it as part of manual update process.

    If it is automatic update, I believe respecting user’s configuration/setup is better than dumping everything there.

    @2bearstudio… it’s not “dumping everything” … it’s you complaining about a system that is made “like that”… you are not happy, uninstall the beta, that’s all… and stop whinning about something the mass was requesting for development.

    you don’t understand because you want to gain a point… you’re not really into that kind of situation, thanks and let us work.

    @jean-pierre If you are the developer, listen to your user. That’s the only thing I can say to you.



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    The developer? Have a look at http://wordpress.org/news/2013/08/oscar/ to see just how many people were involved with WP 3.6.

    And so far, you’re the only person (that I am aware of) who finds these additional themes problematic.

    Marking resolved. This is working exactly as it’s supposed to for upgrades.

    FYI, Development updates will always re-install bundled themes & plugins.

    Main release updates won’t restore bundled themes & plugins when they’ve been removed, but it will install NEW items (so 3.7 will install twentyfourteen when you upgrade). If you don’t want to install bundled themes & plugins (both in dev and stable), you can define CORE_UPGRADE_SKIP_NEW_BUNDLED as true in your wp-config.php

    @dion Thank you for the response. That makes perfect sense, and is also I would like to see in the final product. That’s what a mature product should be.

    If you would like to know, when theme is not present, the automatic update causes load of error messages that fill up the apache error_log.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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