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  • I upgraded to wp 3.3 and after was not able to access the widgets page in my dashboard. I use Mozilla 8.0. I deactivated ckeditor and the problem went away. I have another site where I installed wp 3.3 and after when I hovered over the dashboard tabs (posts, media, etc), the dropdowns didn’t drop down. Also when I got into the page editor, none of the edit tool icons showed up in every page but the home page. This happened in IE 9.0. Everything worked fine in Mozilla for this site. When I deactivated ckeditor, these issues again went away. I have ckeditor installed on both sites. Please advise.

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    I deactivated ckeditor, these issues again went away.

    make sure ckeditor is compatible with WP 3.3

    Ipstenu has put togather an extensive 3.3 troubleshooting guide. Please review it as well.



    ckeditor-for-wordpress plugin should works fine with WP 3.3.

    @daniel1009 on this page where you have error in IE 9 do you see any JavaScript errors ? Please try check this.

    I check this with IE8 and IE9 and for me everything works fine.


    I just found out that the second issue (IE) is only with IE 9. I have IE 8 at work and it works fine. Also the dropdowns not working only happens when I am in a page where the edit tool icons don’t show up. I can turn all of these issues on and off like a switch when I activate and deactivate ckeditor. This is a great plugin and I want to continue to use it, but won’t be able to with it the way it is. Any help would be appreciated.



    @daniel1009 please paste url (it can be without domain name) where you have problem. Please also check if there are any JavaScript errors in IE (use web developer tool – F12 shortcut).

    Not sure how to use web developer tool so I’m not sure if there is a javascript error. The url where the edit tools don’t show in IE 9 is I also notice that the page never fully loads (The circle in the tab just keeps on going around) in the editor. That apparently is why the toolbar never shows up. The url where the widget page is blank in Mozilla 8 is Let me know if you need more info.



    I need full url (with rest of the path like where CKEditor should appear and where you have problems with widgets page. What theme do you use ? Is this you custom theme ?

    This is the widget page that is blank in Mozilla 8.0. It is a genesis theme (delicious).

    This is one of the pages that never fully loads (edit tools never appear) in IE 9.0. The theme is prettyinpink by kawaii themes.

    Let me know if you need more info.



    thank you for all informations. We try to check this and fix if needed. Please be patient.

    I found another piece to the puzzle. If I deactivate my WYSIWYG Widgets plugin, I can activate ckeditor and the widgets page works in mozilla. So there must be an interaction with ckeditor and the WYSIWYG widget plugin. If both are activated, the widget page will not work in mozilla, but if either one is deactivated, it works.

    Any news on this issue? This happens on fresh installs of WordPress when both plugins are activated (ckeditor and WYSIWYG widget). They both worked fine before the WP 3.3 update and now the widgets page won’t appear when they are both active. Please let me know.



    If there is no information in post about changes it means that there is no new to issue.
    Adding support to other wordpress plugin demand time, so as I wrote before, please be patient.
    You can always write a patch for this 🙂 .

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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