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  • Just to clarify – when I go to login through /wp-login.php it redirects to /login then loops back to /wp-login.php in a never ending cycle. When I have everything deactivated including theme and plugins after I attempt to login at /wp-login.php it reloads the login page and this is in the browser bar:

    So, I ended up downgrading to 3.5.1 and confirmed the change of the database back to 24421. I also made sure to reset the permalinks, plugins, etc… This fixed the login issues at least in Safari and Chrome. For whatever reason logging in still just reloads the page in Firefox.

    Any idea what could be causing this?

    I am having the same issue. Tried all methods outlined throughout the forums and nothing worked.

    I want to try downgrading to 3.5.1 but truthfully I don’t know how. What is the best method to do this when you can’t login to your admin?

    I can access my file manager and phpMyAdmin.

    I’d be hugely appreciative of any help. Thank you.

    It’s extremely inadvisable to downgrade and use an outdated version of WP – particularly since this update contains a number of security fixes.

    @andi76 – why not start your own thread so someone can help you get this sorted out the right way?

    @jessibo – that goes for you too – you really should figure out what’s happened with the upgrade. Sorry you didn’t get a faster answer to your thread.

    At this point I haven’t been able to get the upgrade situation figured out, try as I might. Without further help I had no choice but to downgrade to what I knew worked. The site is now live and until I can guarantee I won’t deal with these issues again I am not willing to risk an upgrade. I’ll keep looking for solutions however as I totally agree with the downsides of staying with 3.5.1.

    On the firefox note, that’s working too. So after 20+ of troubleshooting then having to revert to 3.5.1 you can see why I am hesitate to upgrade again.

    you can see why I am hesitate to upgrade again.

    Understandable, BUT getting hacked will be MUCH worse – and since this update had a number of security fixes, you really should get this sorted out.

    until I can guarantee I won’t deal with these issues again

    There will never be a guarantee when you do an update or major change to a site. It’s simply not possible to predict all possible variables and situations that might cause problems.

    One alternative way to approach this is to make a copy of your site and use that as a testing ground for updating or other major changes.

    Thanks WPyogi – I couldn’t see where to start my own topic?

    At the top of every forum is a “Add New” button – which gets you to this form:

    Brilliant, thanks so much for your help and patience with a newbie!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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