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  • When I upload images to the Media Library, they get 500 errors. A thumbnail image of the picture that got the error on upload appears in the media library, and I can attach the image to a page. However, my slider plugin can only display an older image that didn’t get the 500 error. Some days some of the thumbnail images disappear from the media library and or a leave blank space on the page where the image was uploaded, without my having done anything, and reappear hours or days later. Once I even saw the WordPress dashboard sidebar icons appear where the thumbnail image belongs!

    I’ve spent days combing the support forums, and I’ve tried just about everything suggested, including:
    – trying another browser
    – deactivating my only plugin
    – activating the default theme “twenty-twelve”
    – clearing browser cache and cookies
    – refreshing
    – re-installing 3.5.1
    – adding define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false ); to the bottom of wp-config.php file (just before the require_once line),
    – added define(‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’, true); just before “That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging”
    – I checked for ghosts of deleted plugins, and found that there were none.

    None of the above helped at all.

    I didn’t bother manually reinstalling WordPress, since the automatic install had never had a hitch, I had no reason to suspect it was incomplete. I felt that if I’d try it manually, I was far more likely to have an incomplete installation than if I didn’t try this.

    Many support threads blame hosts for media library problems. I may have to switch hosts. If that is your conclusion, please let me know what a host is supposed to be doing to prevent this problem, so that I can interview potential hosts.

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  • Try checking your site’s error logs for a more specific error message. Your hosts should be able to help you in accessing your site’s error logs.

    I got the “CGI” error log (whatever that is). It’s very long and I don’t understand a thing.

    Did you ask your hosts about access to your site’s error logs?

    Yes, they refered me to the “CGI” log. Is that what you meant? Or did you want the javascript error log from my Chrome browser console? (I couldn’t log into my dashboard from Firefox, nor from Explorer.)

    No – it’s a log file on your remote server. If the file is very long, don’t post it here. Use a pastebin instead and post the pastebin url here.

    Please forgive me, I still don’t understand what I’m supposed to send. You wrote “it’s” a log file – did “it’s” refer to the CGI file I have? Or to some other file I’m supposed to get from my host? Anyway, for whatever it’s worth, I tried sending you the CGI log in the pastebin.

    Do you have a link to that pastebin?

    OOPS! I forgot to find out the pastebin url. I tried twice more. I logged in and made two public pastebin entries called “CGI error log”. I couldn’t find a url. If it’s what I was supposed to send, you might be able to see it by visiting

    Once you have added the file to the pastebin and gone through their submission process, copy the url of the final page and post it here.

    They give a count of the number of lines, it’s over 500. I really appreciate your willingness to deal with this.

    I searched for a url and couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked at the FAQ but didn’t see anything about a url.

    Maybe you can see it if you visit and search for “CGI error log”.

    Try looking in your web browser’s address bar. 🙂

    OK, I’m no longer in, so there’s nothing relevant in the browser. I’ll go back again and have a look.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 47 total)
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