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  • I’ve used WordPress 2.3.2 as the back end for a free recipe site and the size of the database seems to be causing problems. Currently around 35,000 recipes, but planned to add over 100,000.

    I know WordPress is a blogging platform, but the CMS gives me everything I want for this site. As you can see the site works, but it’s slow to load at least in part due to the number of category links on the menu (almost 300!!).

    When I was creating the site I planned to have a menu like you see here (this page loads faster than the home page, but still a little on the slow side suggesting it’s not just the large menu causing problems) with when you click say A Recipes cat link on the menu it opens either all the A Categories below it (A cats you currently see on the home page) or opened the A cats in a new menu section or something.

    This way there will be up to 26 a-z cats and when under say A Recipe cat another 10 or so deeper sub cats (for cat B 19ish more cats …) in effect reducing the number of categories listed on any one page to between 26 and 50 rather than the current 300 which will bring the size of the pages down considerably reducing load times!

    Unfortunately couldn’t find code to do this despite vaguely recalling seeing this on a theme before (90% sure I’ve seen this in action). I’ve looked at the parent child category tagging, but no joy. Is it possible to do this with WordPress?

    Planned to add well over 100,000 posts, possibly 200,000 but it looks like WordPress is slowing down at the 35K posts mark so not sure it can handle it (assuming I can sort out the menu prob)?

    Any ideas?

    BTW if the site isn’t accessible I’m still adding recipes 500 at a time and for me it stops (or practically stops) the site working during the database update.


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  • LOL just typical, after posting this did another search and found a plugin that does the menu how I want it

    Only tried it a few mins, but looks like exactly what I was after so forget the bit above about the menu.

    Unfortunately the site is still slow, so looks like it’s the size of the database that’s a problem. Am I going to have to limit the number of posts (that would suck) or is there something I’m missing?


    Why don’t you try the WordPress super cache plugin?

    Quick update on this.

    Have found wordPress 2.5 has helped a bit and the super cache plugin as well. Still on the slow side (won’t be adding more posts), but much better.

    Long term think I’m going to break the site into multiple WordPress installations, maybe 15,000 posts each.


    You must have done something … it loaded in a second or two for me.

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