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  • As a busy blogger running a high traffic site, I must say I’m horrified by butchered media management feature. It is impossible to keep productivity high when what used to require 3 clicks to get done now requires 15 plus reloading and then reloading and subsequent additional reloading and redoing of the same steps, all the while transparency of what you’re doing, what you have done and is not done right is none.

    I’m hoping to hear from someone from the development team that media management will be reverted back to what it was. I can’t go on with butchered feature. If an intention is to keep the user unfriendly and impossible to use efficiently feature introduced in 3.5, I will have to start looking for an alternative to WP. It’s impossible to remain efficient when what used to be simple has become incredibly complicated. This is by far the worst set back in WP’s history.

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  • And what is your issue with media?

    Is there a way to revert to the previous version? I know some changes were made to the MySQL tables. Can it be undone to bring WP back to pre 3.5? This media management is absolutely horrible.

    what is your issue with media?

    I have to agree in some respects to Tranny’s comments. Probably not the worst update, but these Media Library updates seem to be a hindrance to the most common usage of the system. Most people are not adding MP3 and such to their posts, they are adding images. And most people are not referencing the entire library of images when creating a post, they are uploading just the images they need for that post, and placing them. And that task, creating a new post, and uploading some images to just that post, and placing them, has seemingly been made more difficult. The Media Library should default to Images Uploaded to that Post (or allow us to change that default easily) and more focus should be on actual work flows when designing these features.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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