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  • Hey all! I haven’t asked a question in a while, as I’ve been trying my hardest to figure things out on my own, but I’ve got three things I can’t find info on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ll go in order of difficulty (as I, in my ignorance, see it).

    1. I’m looking for a way to allow folks to upload content from one of my pages, not via the admin interface. A way to allow multiple uploads via this interface would be preferred. I found this AJAX solution here, but it does not seem to be a plugin, and I am clueless on how to incorporate it. Any ideas?

    2. Is it possible to put a login and password window in the sidebar, thereby negating the need to go the login page? 2-b. Is it possible to send people right back to the main page after logging in? The people that would need to admin could go to the admin page directly, but I’d prefer anyone else to simply return to the page after logging in.

    3. This might be an impossible pipe dream, but can you set WP up to change the theme based on the user level? Or, barring that, can the theme change for logged-in vs. non logged-in users? I’d really like to do this.

    Thanks in advance. I’ve looked these questions up in the forums and on google and found no answer, so if they have come up before, than I apologize.

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  • Bump – Any help from anyone???

    Bump – Last try. Me sad.

    2b. I’ve seen solutions for that around here. Try eventually a search for “login redirect” or something similar.

    Don’t be sad…those are tough questions that likely involve a fairly extensive change to various parts of the wordpress core.

    As moshu explained on another thread today you might want to post to:
    to see if a developer of some sort is interested in taking on something like this (likely won’t be for free).

    thanks! I’ll give that a try! You guys rock.

    1) You’ll have to include it in one of the template files directly, depending on where you want it.
    2)Not sure. Part of the login process uses the source page (where did the user come from) to prevent some one trying to gain access to site A while using a login form on Site B.
    3) With WP, as anything else involving development, nothing is impossible. It’s just a matter of time and effort.


    Thanks Gnome. I’ve figured out 2 and 2b with help. 3 I am looking into.

    Now onto 1. I am a real idiot in coding. So what do I take and throw in my template? I want the uploading to be on a specific page. Would I need to create a template for that page and then throw the code I linked to in that template? Sorry, I’m pretty dumb in this area. But thanks for any help you can give.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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