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3.5 Smooth or Headache?

  • Well I shifted to 3.5 and have regretted it ever since.

    The mistake I made was not testing it enough first, if I had I would not have upgraded. Too many errors, perhaps not all down to bad code, but perhaps down to architectural design and low support for backward compatability. I know the beta has been running for three months or so but this doesnt mean the new shape is a good fit for what plugin developers might consider to be an enabling evolution. As moderators for WP are quick to point out when looking inwardly, plugin and theme developers are more often than not voluteering their time to create free product for others to use, and perhaps WP if too heavy handed with design changes might be closing the door to a lot of them!

    Main thorns for me personally as a user so far that have come to light are:

    Editor: not working correctly.
    Images: (disaster) with Set Featured Images – none are displaying this alone means I am looking now to see how to rollback.

    Of course I am not saying they are not fixable, but I have not even had a response to a thread I started about the images issue – hence look at if I can roll back. And I like the developers have other fish to fry, I need it to work without to much overhead.

    Tell us if your experience has been good or bad?

    Personally – Bad.

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  • esmi


    Forum Moderator

    I have not even had a response to a thread I started about the images issue

    Try being a little more patient. Not all topics are answered within 24 hours.

    As far as I’m concerned my site is disfunctional if posts have no images – patience doesn’t come into it. I cant wait day’s for a resolution, which might never happen. Whilst I realise that WP is not in a position to make any sort of gaurentee about response times or even neccessarily offer support, I am not in a position to purchase this gaurentee elsewhere. So I have to make the best I can of the tools available.

    My question though is valid and my question still stands to the users.

    Has this upgrade been smooth for you or has it been a headache?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Has this upgrade been smooth for you or has it been a headache?

    Smooth as silk. I’ve never once had an upgrade give me any problems at all.

    That doesn’t really help you at all does it? My and other people’s easy go of it I mean. 😉

    Keep in mind that people do not post when they do not have a problem. An awful lot of people have successfully upgraded without any problems at all. I’m not diminishing your issue but as Esmi already said please be patient. If someone can help you then they will.

    Hi Jan, glad you have never had a problem with it. I take on board what you are saying about the possibility that people who are satisfied dont post. But on the other hand I’m sure the mods will make up for this 🙂

    To be honest I dont know what sort of results I expect from this thread but it is not about my issue exactly. All be it this may not be the way to get it, but I am keen to get a clear picture of the general level of satisfaction about the product.

    Actually overall I am quite happy/excited by it, but in the main the people I hear praising it and saying that things are smooth as silk are mods. Which also isn’t balanced, as they are very likely to be biased.

    So again I say patience doesnt come into it, this is not a thread about troubleshooting but rather it is a miscellaneous thread, and my question is about general levels of satisfaction.

    How might it be possible to get an unemotional view of this?

    In another thread relativly recently a moderator’s opinion was effectivly “we dont want to know – if satisfaction is waining or growing – why would we?” As I said moderators can be a bit biased, and it reminds me that some people can act like Osterich’s (forgive the spelling if not correct) some of the time.

    For now I am hoping that others might share their general thoughts and say what they think.



    Forum Moderator

    To put it into some sort of perspective, there have been over 4.5 million downloads of WordPress 3.5. How many people do you see posting about 3.5 problems in these forums?

    I’ve never had an issue with any upgrade until this last one. On one of my sites, I have what I believe is a javascript problem which requires me to modify code daily to keep the site functional.

    Unfortunately, I have not had time to fully troubleshoot so I’m dealing with this slight inconvenience. I’m also hopeful that either the next WP update or an update to one of my plugins would fix the problem before I get to it. 😉

    I Have a site up and running but wordpress is telling me to up grade to 3.5. By doing this will it screw up my web site?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Not really your topic or the conversation at hand but…

    1. If you have current good backups of all your files
    2. And your complete database before you upgraded
    3. And you know how to restore both

    Then you have nothing to fear from any upgrade.

    If something doesn’t work and you can’t fix it (usually you can) then that backup of both your files and database will permit you to put it all back the way it was.


    Backups should be a part of your normal routine anyway. 😉

    @esmi yes this is an interesting perspective – is this a published figure somewhere?

    I just did a rough count on the forum 330 new threads in 24 hours, so you could say extrapolated 10,000 per month. 0.22% ish, of course some people here with multiple threads and others that have not even bothered to post.

    I wonder if there are nay forum stats or figures anywhere.

    Is this the normal level of support demand?

    Since updationg to 3.5 I have also the problem mentioned above. Featured images (imported after upgrading wp) are not showing up. As long as I’m logged in everything looks good on preview. As soon as I’m logged out (like guest view) the featured images are gone.

    I try to figure out if this is a wp problem or a genesis framework issue which I’m using. Up to now, no idea…

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    Gineo, discuss this with your theme’s vendors. If they name it a WordPress issue, create your own thread on it.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Is this the normal level of support demand?

    This? I do not have numerical data but the level of support requests are lighter then some other releases. That purely a “stick my finger in the air statement” but I’ve been volunteering for a while and comparatively speaking 3.5 is not a big support problem at all.

    Note for anyone reading this: when it’s your installation that has a problem it’s a Huge Big Deal™ and I’m not saying otherwise for that person. But community-wise 3.5 has been light support.



    Forum Moderator

    I’d second Jan’s guess-timates. We average a little under 200 posts an hour here. Following 3.5’s release, that doubled (which is what we always expect with any update) but only for about 2-3 days. It was back to the 200/hr mark within about a week. That makes it fairly successful core upgrade in our experience.

    It does sound like the success you guys have suggested then, which is really annoying because I am running out of buttons to push here.

    Actually though its kind of what I want to hear although damn irritating that I am one of the guys with a problem yet to solve. For instance I hadn’t looked quantativly at the throughput on the forums before, only after my problem, so to me it seemed like there was a huge volume of issues. Thinking “shit is this normal upgrade fallout”, although WP has had considerable focus from me for about 6 months now and I hadn’t noticed any other problems except during original install and getting to grips with a new toy, but if so should I consider an alternative platform, because I cant afford the overhead. I also hadn’t realised how big the user base was, and if 4.5 million downloads of 3.5 I would guess its 2 – 3? times that number still using old releases.

    On my count of 330 per 24 hours I forgot to mention that was trouble shooting forum only.

    Problem solved on my site. I’m such an idiot. It was a caching issue (normal behaviour of WP Super Cache). So, no problems with wp nor with the theme…

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