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    I can upload an image to my Media Library, BUT cannot add it to a new Post. Don’t know if it is my Theme, Plugins, or this Developer’s Version of WordPress.

    There is a Trac Ticket #22829 where someone else seems to have had the same problem. Anybody else had it?

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  • Not sure if it’s related, but I’m not able to upload a header image – I get a not found error. (Was able to do so yesterday with RC4, though.)


    Thanks for your input.
    I found two solutions:

    1. I disable all plugins except two, and

    2. I clicked on the rotate image buttons several times before clicking on the crop button in the Image Editor.

    I could never get the image editor to SAVE my cropped image. See my next forum post for a further explanation.

    Yeah, on another test site I’m getting a Not Found error on the Media upload page itself. Very odd. Will check your other post. I did disable plugins and switched to Twenty Ten, but neither resolved the issue.

    If #1 is a solution, then it’s likely not WP Core but the plugin.

    Hmm, well, latest nightly fixed the Not Found problem I was having, but now I’m getting that HTTP error that seems to be plaguing some people. Going to see if a fresh install gives me the same issue.

    Can you set define('SCRIPT_DEBUG', true); in your wp-config?

    Yeah, that didn’t fix the issue. 🙁 I can run through all of the suggestions listed on the forums, but (a.) I can upload fine on 3.4.x and (b.) the uploads do actually go through, they just error out in the actual upload process and/or in the case of trying to change my header, I get the Not Found when trying to pick an image already uploaded and when I upload through the header screen it gives me a Not Found after the cropping screen. In both cases the header image does not change.

    EDIT: To clarify, previously I was getting a Not Found on the actual Upload Media screen as well as the issues with the header image.

    Cyndy, what theme is this?

    I get the same results on any of the default themes.

    Well, good news, my upload issues are resolved with the official 3.5 release…so whatever it was, it’s fixed now. Yay! I think?

    I see the crop area when uploading a header image but it is tiny and the image doesn’t actually save. Looking for a way to change this. Not even sure where the crop function is or where I would now reset the header image size since it doesn’t seem to be css affecting this. Need help! 😉

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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