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    First of all – I like to say that I love the media enhancement on 3.5. Well done.

    I tested the functionality on some test users after embedding some images as thumbnail via one of my sites,

    Unfortunately, when the user clicks on an image, it takes the user to a new page on full screen view – some users struggle to get back to where they were.

    This would have been resolved by having a neat JQuery lightbox to display the image if the user clicks on it – instead of leaving the page. Is this possible to have one in the final version of 3.5? If not does anyone aware of a plugin that would do that – but nothing more – as I love the way WordPress media manager does everything else.


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  • The WordPress Galleries in 3.5 work the same way as previous versions of WP. When you insert a gallery you can link the thumbnails to either the full size version of the image or you can link them to the image attachment page. This functionality hasn’t changed.

    If you want the images to open in a lightbox, I’d recommend trying the FancyBox for WordPress plugin. It works well and will automatically open your linked images in a lightbox.

    Thanks for the valuable suggestion. I tried that – and the result was spectacular. So thank you.

    I need some advise on image upload strategy and how to render them. A typical post I do might contain 200 MB of images!!

    The page loads fine as the images are constrained to the theme width during the thumbnailing when I uploaded the images.

    However, the Facnybox Lightbox is really struggling when you click on an image – as it needs to load an image that can be 5MB- 12MB in size.

    Ideally what like to see is that:

    • (1) the page loads with all the thumbnails optimally resized.
    • (2) I then like to see the Lightbox open (when the humbnail is clicked) with the image width set to (say) 75% of the Browser width.
    • (3) If someone clicks on the lightbox image in the middle, the image then opens as an attachment at the native uncompressed resolution outside the theme.

    Is this doable?

    Given I have 50 images per post, I dont want to manaually resizing the images, make multiple copies and rename them. And I certainly dont want to manually set each thumbnail in the gallery and type up which are displayed and linked to for each image.

    Any suggestions?

    First thing I gotta ask is, why are you uploading such HUGE images? I had a look at one of your images, Kawhia-Harbour-010.jpg, and it’s 10,768 pixels wide. (beautiful pics btw!)

    I have a 27″ iMac AND a second 24″ LCD on my desk and I still don’t have the resolution across both screens to display your image at 100%.

    When you display that in your lightbox, it’s not displaying at 100%. It’ll load the 5-12MB file and then scale it in the browser to around 10-15% of it’s actual size, depending on the size of your screen.

    Just as a test, I resized the image down to 2000px wide and saved with 80% compression and the filesize dropped from 8.5MB’s to 396KB’s!

    Even your thumbnail images are large. Your thumbnail images are approx 1024 x 227px and the browser is rescaling them down to 389 x 86px.

    I think the main problem you’re having is simply due to the size of the images. If you resize them to something more manageable, you’ll find the page will load considerably quicker and Fancybox wont have any issues. You’ll also find it’ll be lots quicker uploading them to your site.

    You should probably also look at your SETTINGS > MEDIA page and change the size of the images that WordPress is creating (ie. Thumbnail size etc..)

    Can you also please set this Post to Resolved as there’s nothing here related to problems with the WordPress 3.5 Release Candidates. Thanks for that 🙂

    Done. Thanks again.
    Will repost the images differently

    I need help I used WordPress 3.5 days ago and when I used the media Library to upload one image, I tried to find the link of the image for example this one:×444.png

    I have to problem to find such a link of one image in the media Library in wordpress 3.5,
    The old version of wordpress was easy to find in media library but in 3.5 I cant find it.

    i can’t find media manager? where is it? wordpress 3.5

    WordPress 3.5 add media insert images posts or pages not working. After clicking several times on the button, it does nothing. The previous older version worked before I updated. I linked the image URL through coding in text pref but what an extra step to have to go through. The media manager worked much better in the older version. How soon will this be fixed and is there any plugins in the meantime? Got a deadline and looking for solutions.



    is the a plugin with the old media version?

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