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  • Hey,

    Something has been bugging me for a while now… and that is this… Why when the Core Developmet team revamped the Media Library… why didnt they re-think the way WordPress handles its images and image sizes….

    Reason been… if you add a bunch of custom add_image_size() function to your functions.php file… WordPress will then create imagename-1000×345.jpg for every image and so on….

    However surely there would be a better way of doing this…. as if you have 6 different image sizes for every 1 image you upload you get 7 different image files all taking up space on your server… (100 images turns into 700 files!)

    Why cant WordPress either make files when it needs them…. or better still store the masters and just resize them on the go and store them in a cache folder then if a persons server get too full… they remove the cache files and WordPress just generates files when it needs them again…

    I must be missing something here…. or am I?


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