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    I want to replace StatCounter on my site, and just installed the latest version of WP Statistics 12.6.3.

    The good news is WP Statistics seems to have the non-bot Visits number correct (concurring with StatCounter), but yet it somehow claims that my site only has 9 Visitors so far – how is that possible?

    The site uses page caching (nginx fastcgi cache module) as well as Sucuri WAF caching, so I ticked the “Use Cache Plugin” in WP Statistics Settings and refreshed my Permalinks – per your instructions – and then cleared all caches…

    I also tried it without “Use Cache Plugin” being checked at all, but that doesn’t seem to help or make a difference.

    How do I get this to work properly?

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Contributor Mehrshad Darzi



    Please Give Me ScreenShot From Wp-statistics Optimizatin Admin Page (Resources/Information Tab) ?

    It’s a rather long page… Here is a copy & paste:

    Memory usage in PHP: 	8,208,048 Bytes
    PHP Memory Limit: 	256M
    Number of rows in the wp_statistics_useronline table : 	7 Rows
    Number of rows in the wp_statistics_visit table : 	2 Rows
    Number of rows in the wp_statistics_visitor table : 	29 Rows
    Number of rows in the wp_statistics_exclusions table : 	0 Rows
    Number of rows in the wp_statistics_pages table : 	394 Rows
    Number of rows in the wp_statistics_search table : 	4 Rows
    Number of rows in the wp_statistics_historical table : 	0 Rows
    Version Info
    WP Statistics Version: 	12.6.3
    PHP Version:
    PHP Safe Mode: 	No
    PHP IPv6 Enabled: 	Yes
    jQuery Version: 	1.12.4
    cURL Version: 	7.47.0
    Zlib gzopen(): 	Installed
    GMP PHP extension: 	Not installed
    BCMath PHP extension: 	Installed
    File Info
    GeoIP Database: 	3.59 MB, created on April 16, 2019 @ 2:16 am
    Server Info
    SERVER_SOFTWARE 	nginx/1.15.7

    Does that help?

    Plugin Contributor Mehrshad Darzi


    Is the Client IP different from the Server Info (Remote_ADDR or another parameter) IP in Your wp-statistics Optimization page ?

    Yes, they are different.

    Here’s what those look like… I replaced the actual IP addresses with “1” and “2”:

    Client Info
    Client IP: 	address-1
    Server Info
    REMOTE_ADDR: 	address-2
    HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR: 	address-2, address-1
    HTTP_X_REAL_IP: 	address-2

    Does that help? What can/should I do?

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Contributor Mehrshad Darzi



    it seems your HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR have two ip for security your server.
    we solved this problem in new Version that release soon.

    thanks for your comment.

    Hi @mehrshaddarzi,

    OK, thank you very much. Yes, I use the Sucuri WAF (with caching) to filter traffic to my actual web host.

    So I see that you added a “Visitor IP” Settings panel in the new version of WP-Statistics 12.6.4. That’s great.

    But which one of these should I choose for my needs?

    The choices are: “Use REMOTE_ADDR” “Use HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR” or “Use HTTP_X_REAL_IP” …

    (All others have “No available data.” Or Custom Header.)

    Thank you!

    Plugin Contributor Mehrshad Darzi



    in top page of visitor IP Tab, you see your real IP ok.
    you should find same IP in items and select.
    if all items is “no available data”.
    please check all $_SERVER in bottom of page and type Custom Header.

    Thanks @mehrshaddarzi

    For my site, there are two possibilities which match the “real IP [address] detected with service” at the top of the page…

    The first is “REMOTE_ADDR” and the second is “HTTP_X_REAL_IP”. Those match the real IP at the top.

    However, I tried both of these options, and neither one addresses the problem I am seeing…

    WP Statistics is still registering a very small number of visitors compared to the number visits!

    How can I have only 246 visitors with 6,396 visits? (These are not bots.)

    How do I fix this?
    Thanks again!

    Hi @mehrshaddarzi … any thoughts or ideas?

    Despite really wanting it to work, I cannot seem to make WP Statistics accurately measure my site’s traffic, no matter what I try…

    Not sure why, as this is seemingly a mature plugin in its 12th major version.

    Do you have any other suggestions??


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    Plugin Contributor Mehrshad Darzi



    the basis of number visitor is unique User IP.
    Please check your wp_statistics_visitor table in MySQL.
    Which IP is repeated? The problem is there

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