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  • I’ve read through a lot of the forums and I’m at a loss.

    I was successfully running 3.4.1 with no problems and then updated to 3.4.2 with the automatic update. I have full access to the admin dashboard.
    Now.. None of my pages show up even though the content’s there.
    404 Error – Page Not Found.
    Though, if (in twenty eleven theme) I make the front page static and point it to a page that won’t show up, it will on the front page. I didn’t make a backup before I updated because I hadn’t done much to the site yet and didn’t mind starting over.
    Posts show up fine.

    Please Help! I’m eager to move forward!

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  • Do you still have your most recent backup file?

    It was the second day I had used wp. I had never backed up.
    It seems that even the images in the post give a 404 if clicked on.



    Please go to setting from your admin panel and change the permalink to default and try once again. That works sometimes

    Hey! That worked..

    How can I resolve this in case I want to change the permalink default settings?

    Just change the permalinks back to how you had them before. The issue that you had was that your .htaccess file was either corrupted or deleted on the upgrade. When you change the permalink structure it re-generates it, so it basically “fixes” itself. Then you can chagne it back and it will do the same and work the way you had it to start with.



    Changing the permalink back to how you want now will fix your problem.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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