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    Web site in question: (MAIN SITE multi network) right now its a mess without my OLD theme.

    Web site also in question: (HMMM weird) just read!

    I have IIS7.5, Windows server 2008 R2, MySQL+Denali, Robust corporate virus and spam protection. I own all 32 servers in the home I can get into them all. I am running version WP/ 3.5.1 I have thousands of themes installed,(HAD) I have well over 500 domains pointing to my servers.

    Last night i was playing around with this CyberChimps theme with the option-framework. I wanted to change the look of the hosting site. The theme worked fine and i was able to edit, make changes, and do what i want. Running the amount of sites i do, I ALWAYS know how fix and replace whats missing or broken and where to go to fix everything.
    BUT i am baffled on this one!!

    3/4 of my themes are missing from the NETWORK ADMIN theme area “they are not listed”??

    WEIRD but the is using the theme INFOWAY and it’s name is not registered on the newtork admin theme panel/page, BUT its working still, not broken..hmmmm

    * they are installed in the “wp-content/themes” folder on the server.
    * ALL permissions/ owners are exactly where they need to be.
    * YES i know where to go to enable certain themes and or ALL themes for a particular site “network enable”
    * Checking PHP error log, and i dont see much. other than a few warnings on stand alone instals where i have done some editing to force it to work, nothing to do with the multi site.

    * I have checked the MySQL data base under all my associated tables and dont see anything wrong
    * I have ran a repair database script on BOTH the Multisite and the MySQL database.
    * I ran a recent backup of the site and still no Themes, only a few.
    * I notice that on ALL sites the theme that is listed is the default and the users themes are not listed as well BUT are enabled under network admin panel per site.

    Not sure whats is going on. i turned on debug=true to see what was up locally and nothing, it is turned back off.

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  • WOW, FYI!! cyberchimps theme has issues with wp multi site, i again went into the server deleted the them NOW entire network is back and UP. this theme effected the entire site. Their where NO HACKS, NO ADDONS to the script and it made a mess. i answered my own questions. sorry.

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