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  • I dont know what to do to fix it…. its showing the code for my background color(color isnt coming up either), posts cant be viewed, only ads show up if you click on post title to view on its own, “older posts” works on and off at times when it doesnt work just loads an empty page other than ads

    Im using twenty eleven 1.3

    Im completely green on editing etc is there anyone at all who will help me? I have been asking for help on many of these forums to no avail with this issue and others

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  • I cannot tell you where that line of code is originally coming from. But it most likely is within header.php of your theme (Twenty Eleven).

    So, to get rid of it, open up header.php (you will find it under ../wp-content/themes/twentryeleven/), search for that line and delete it. Save the file – that should be it.

    Ok but how will this affect all the other problems I mean I am having massive problems since the update. That code is for the background color I want. Wont deleting it make thing even worse for me?

    I have pages that will not open with content other than advertising

    You should never edit or customize twenty eleven theme as when you update the theme is over written as is default theme.

    Always make a child theme for twenty eleven theme and make changes in child theme.

    If you want to change the background color, you have to do it in the style.css not any of the php files.

    As pointed out by govpatel, you should make a child theme for this, as well.

    The other issues (ads and/or empty pages) may be related to a plugin or an issue with PHP memory. Unfortunately the safest method to diagnose this is also the most cumbersome: you need to deactivate all your plugins and then reactivate one after the other, until the error(s) re-occur.

    If it is a PHP memory issue and you are on a shared hosting account, there probably is not much you can do, except ask your hosting provider if they are willing to allocate more memory for your account.

    I would never edit anything!! I ve never done anything to the editor. Im clueless that why I came here and am asking you guys the experts!! Last night I shut off and deleted Wordbooker and the site seems to be okay. But I do need this plugin for thumbnails etc to work. I dont understand what gov means to make a child them? (see like I said green!)

    As long as you did not make any changes in core files of twenty eleven theme you are ok. It is when you makes changes in the files like style.css or add any functions in functions.php or change codes in any templates then you need to create child theme.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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