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  • Has anyone noticed slowness after updating to 3.3.2? I performed the auto update on both of my sites from 3.3.1 to 3.3.2. Both run under the same Bluehost account. The slow down is very evident.

    Check it out at

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    I’ve not seen any noticeable slowdown on the 8 sites I updated this afternoon.

    Your Bluehost either may be overloaded or they are doing some server upgrades so you may see a slow down which is coincidental. I have upgraded to 3.3.2 and there is no difference in performance.

    I’ve had no issues in 3.3.2 either. You may have a theme or a plugin which doesn’t work very well with it. You may want to try deactivating plugins and switching themes and leave it that way for a little while just to test if it starts improving.

    Help! I just updated to WordPress 3.3.2 and nothing works! I cannot include tags, upload images, access the HTML version of the post or include links. I am out of the publishing business if this cannot be fixed right away!

    I have been using WordPress for over two years and have upgraded many times but have never seen anything like this.

    Try going to the default heme and see if that helps.

    Also, try disabling all the plugins and see if the errors stop. If they do, then the problem is a plugin.

    I had the same slowdown on upgrade changing the theme from Ocean Mist to twenty ten with all widgets off finally worked for me, now to reload widgets and see if it still loads fast.Thanks for the Tips!!

    Try checking it with your hosting provider to see what’s the main issue that causes the speed to decrease.

    huh…. Updated a Bluehost site to 3.3.2 – also find it slow!

    The recent upgrade from 3.3.1 to 3.3.2 is definitely an improvement in terms of speed and downtime in wordpress .
    But in the forum there have been a lot of issues these days with those on bluehost hosting . I guess there is some maintenance going on with their servers .

    Updated to WordPress 3.3.2 and everything has gone to pot. Some things were clearly my fault with not creating a child theme for my WEBCOMIC. But since have all my data read:comics on my computer I figured no prob I will just erase the whole thing and build it over again from scratch the right way. SO after uninstalling and reinstalling WORDPRESS through GO DADDY site I hace yet to get anything close to resonable access to the site. Nothing works the default page takes forever to load and even the control console or anything inside it often time out!! Whats the deal this should be fast since there is no plugins or anything on the site.

    I have tried just putting files on and accessing them outside the PHP format of the WordPress stuff and have no problems with that. I can pop up the and get the info FAAAAAST. But if it has to run a PHP then its all THHHHUUUPPPPT!!! LOL

    Any Ideas? I did notice when looking at the file structure through FTP on the browser that some pieces of the old site were still there. I have contacted GO DADDY to have them format the drive completely is this the right course of action?

    Your site shows warning (403 Forbidden). Contact Godaddy and ask them why.

    Hello everybody! Ive got the some problem. We ordered our business website from a guy, and now we just realised its too slow.
    Now im in trouble. The webhosting company told us its not their fault, and the guy who made the webpage say there isn`t any problem with the website. Is there anybody who can help me in this problem?


    This thread is an old one about WordPress version 3.3.2 going slow. Since the version is now 3.5, this version is probably not the one you have and you should start a new thread instead of writing on this old one.

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