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    Hi. I’m on WP 3.9.3 and I’ve just updated two plugins I have: qtranslate-x (updated to 3.3) and dynamic-widgets (updated to 1.5.10). Suddenly my blog goes all blank except for the admin pages. If I deactivate dynamic-widgets all goes fine (except I don’t get dynamic widgets, of course, which I need). If instead I deactivate qtranslate-x all goes more or less fine also (the ugly language codes, like [:en] for instance, show in the text), but of course I also want multilanguage.
    So, there must be some kind of incompatibility between those two plugins’ latest versions.
    Anyone else? Some hint?

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  • Plugin Author John Clause


    Blank page at front-end normally indicates a fatal error in the PHP code. You need to figure out what exactly error has occured.

    To troubleshoot what happened, you may:

    1. look for error messages in log files.
    2. enable WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php, which may show more messages.
    3. install plugin “Debug Bar”, which sometimes help to see the error messages quicker right instead of blank page.

    And before you do all of these, just try to turn on q-X option “Compatibility Functions”, as a blind guess.

    Please, let us know the progress. Please, to save the future clicks, mark this topic as “resolved” if anything above helped you.

    @john, Im the author of Dynamic Widgets. I’ve found the culprit.

    Dynamic Widgets has had support for QTranslate already for a long time. It uses the (old) function qtrans_getLanguage() to determine the current language. Apparrently this has changed in the QTranslate X. Can you tell me what the name is of the new function so I can update Dynamic Widgets.

    Plugin Author John Clause


    All prefixes ‘qtrans_’ are replaced with qtranxf_ as required by WordPress policy, which I probably followed too faithfully ;). This replacement has caused a lot of troubles with every theme or plugin, which uses direct calls to some of internal qtrans_* functions.

    In the response to this problem, there is an option in qTranslate-X, “Compatibility Functions”, which enables back a list of functions with qtrans_ prefix:

    All @zogoibi needs to do is to turn this option on.

    However, if you wish to be more easily compatible with qtx in the future you may have an if statement to call functions with different names depending on which plugin is active. You may detect presence of qTranslate-X by test if(defined('QTRANSLATE_FILE')) and use this variable to compute paths, if necessary, so that if qtx gets installed in a different folder, your code continue to work:

    Best regards,

    Wow! Compatibility functions did the trick. Thanks a lot! This way I don’t need to do all the tests. I’m not too computer savvy. However, if I can find some time, I’ll try to get some error messages and try the more permanent solution you suggest.
    Thank you again.

    I was actually already expecting the move to the new prefix looking at the code. But just wanted to make sure. 🙂 Thanks!

    Hi Qurl,

    thanx for the fast reaction to this problem.

    Your plugin is very important for multi-language-WP-sites, so thanks a lot.

    (I remember your reaction to adapt your plugin to former mQtranslate-Plugin was as fast as this one, so thank you for the big service to open source community!)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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