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  • wordpress 3.3 has created more chaos then good. why ask us to update when it’s not tested on premium themes 1st?

    anyway… i had the same issue as most in this room and 3.3 doesn’t like my general-template.php file where a line code with rtl() is present.

    now because i couldnt login to admin i had to disable all plugins etc, etc, etc… sigh… (for what?) Now… i dont know how to rewrite the php file. but i do know how copy n paste to fix it.

    how do i fix this file to work with 3.3?

    PS: I have no plugins installed and my w3 Total cache all disabled. this is not exactly pleasant ya know. and having these popups running in my face while inside admin is another pain in the arse.

    Sorry guys, wordpress is heading down annoyance avenue. remember the good ole days of the popup wars… well its coming back.

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  • why ask us to update when it’s not tested on premium themes 1st?

    It’s the theme developer’s responsibility to test with the beta versions and the release candidates. Future security patches will not be applied to past releases, which is why you should keep WordPress updated.

    Is your theme the problem?
    Have you tried doing a manual install in case a file got corrupted the first time?

    If by popups you mean the feature pointers, those should only show up the first time you’re on the page.

    ive corrected the error by resetting and renaming plugins. im not sure if its theme at fault yet as i have not found which plugin causes the problem yet.

    but the blog is now running… 🙂

    what i mean by the popups – in admin whereby the plugin owners now can compete within to view/go over their plugins with java popups. SEO wordpress is an example by Yoast.

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    Those ‘popups’ are called Feature Pointers.

    Go to and you can read all about them.

    And yeah, I know what you mean.

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