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  • something changed in 3.3 where if I resize my browser window when in the add-post admin area, the sidebar collides with the editor:


    **Another related issue:
    I know that wp was working on making a fluid admin for 3.3-3.4.

    The editor currently does not ‘squish’ properly. This is very evident when calling the wp_editor() on the front end of a website.

    My website theme is fluid using media queries on the front-end, and I use the wp_editor() on the front as well. when I shrink the browswer width to <480px the editor does not continue to ‘squish’.

    screenshot: (wp_editor on front end of a fluid website theme)

    bottom line:
    the wp_editor is currently not ‘fluid’ below a certain width, thus causing fluid templates to ‘break’.

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  • Just upgraded to 3.3beta2 and the problem still exists.

    does this deserve a trac ticket?
    (guessing devs already know about it as it’s hard to miss, but not sure)

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    It’s not needed – It’s a known issue with 3.2 FWIW (basically when you get that skinny, it’s all screwy). They’re working on a more elegant forcing of 1-column when that happens.

    Actually for anyone using the editor on the front-end of a website which uses an adaptive theme, it is needed.

    Somewhat like twenty-eleven does, my themes are completely fluid so there is nothing with a fixed width anywhere in my theme. This means I am able to provide a proper view for people on mobile devices using media queries.

    The problem is just like if I were to add a fixed width large image to the theme. If I shrink my browser down to mobile size, the image will stretch beyond the bounding div. This is exactly what ends up happening to the editor.

    At small resolutions the visual editor completely breaks out of the containing div and ruins the theme.

    I can provide example links if needed. It is instantly apparent what the problem is.

    **The second link in my original topic above shows what happens to the visual editor on the front-end of the website in mobile view.. pretty bad…

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    A lot of the responsive stuff was reverted due to not testing well: . It will be revisited for 3.4, hopefully including mobile. That said, mobile devices were never a goal for 3.3.

    TinyMCE needs a min-width so that the toolbar buttons don’t escape. They don’t wrap, so even if there weren’t the min-width or you overrode it, they will overflow and look bad anyway. This was how it was before 3.3. It’s all CSS, so I would think that you could override it if you really needed to and remove/move some buttons while you’re at it. I personally haven’t tried using wp_editor() on the front-end just yet, and don’t know how well TinyMCE works on all mobile devices, so I can’t say anything definitive in that arena.

    I’d say to hold off on a ticket for now, as it is something known and there’s no chance of any enhancements making it into 3.3. Since previous versions had collision problems with TinyMCE toolbars anyway (and will continue to if there are added buttons), it’s not a new bug.


    Thanks for the detailed explanation as to what is going on with tinymce and 3.3. It’s to bad that the testing didn’t go well as it would have been nice to have a fluid admin this year.

    Having built a large number of fluid themes myself, I can fully understand the enormous task involved in getting it right for wp. I have run into issues in the past that have literally taken me weeks to solve. (try and build a fully fluid table layout without tables and you’ll know what I am talking about).

    For now I think I’ll just build a custom plugin to override tinymce styling and layout and go from there. Who knows… maybe I’ll get it good enough that it works for core someday 🙂

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