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  • Apparently the developer needs to look into it because I am having that same issue today. Because I had logged into my site in the morning and didn’t notice until I went back to the dashboard to ocheck something at mid-day, it appears to be spontaneous.

    The Login Lock plugin version is 2.2.3

    I’m very surprised that the developer has not responded to this critical error. After upgrading my site to WP 3.3, everything worked fine for a couple of days and then this error kept me from accessing the wp-admin area:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_rtl() in /home/creat361/public_html/ on line 2102

    This does not affect the operation of the site for visitors, only for admins.

    This seems like a bug in the order that files are being included by WordPress’ core. I’ve opened a ticket about it:

    I committed several fixes for the login-lock plugin and put them up at

    @daniel … I went to your link and downloaded loginlock.php. I renamed the existing script on my server and uploaded the newest one from

    Whatever changes were made to that script did not help me at all.

    Yes, I am aware that I could go through and troubleshoot plugin incompatibility but I can’t imagine which of my installed and activated plugins that I’m willing to live without … even if one does present as being in conflict.

    My thinking is pretty simple on this. Login Lock was playing nice with all my other plugins prior to the last WP update. None of what I consider to be my other essential plugins are reporting an error after the WP upgrade. It seems “logical” to assume that the problem is not with my previously installed and working plugins but rather with the Login Lock plugin itself.

    I do hope this problem gets fixed soon…

    @marjwyatt Things are out of sync on your system. Deactivate the plugin. Delete the old file (or move it to somewhere outside of your WP install). Put in my loginlock.php file. Then activate the plugin.


    I did exactly as you described here:

    Deactivate the plugin. Delete the old file (or move it to somewhere outside of your WP install). Put in my loginlock.php file. Then activate the plugin.

    Error … can’t remember what

    I deleted the files from my server and uploaded this zip file ( from GitHub, and activated it as if it was the plugin.

    Error … bad header

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function login_header() in /home/myaccount/public_html/ on line 614

    I downloaded plugin from, uploaded file through add new plugin dashboard. I did not activate it until I downloaded the latest loginlock.php from GetHub and replaced that file, using your earlier instructions.

    The result was then that the only access which I had to my wp-admin dashboard was to view your plugin script through GitHub.

    I’m about to give up but will try something else, if you have a suggestion.

    Plugin Author Mark


    I just pushed v2.2.4 into the plugins repository. Hopefully I got the fix for the ” is_rtl() is not a function ” problem resolved. I’m not sure though since I don’t have such a system to test with.

    Plugin Author Mark


    @marjwyatt : You shouldn’t be surprise. The readme file clearly tells people how to report bugs and get support – which incidentally doesn’t include posting to this forum.

    @mike … I didn’t realize the WordPress forum was an inappropriate place to converse about plugin problems. Most people install plugins directly through wp-admin and few would think to open the plugin folder and read a readme.txt file. I’m sort of a “grizzled veteran” and it didn’t occur to me to do that…

    But, more importantly, does your update regarding 2.2.4 mean that an update notification will soon appear in the WordPress Updates area?

    Plugin Author Mark


    Prolly should get in the habit of inspecting the readme for plugins since invariably that’s the ONLY way we devs have of communicating info to users of our plugins…

    At the same time – only few plugin devs have time to cruise the forums here. We’re usually busy writing code and paying bills – since these plugins are free we gotta make some money elsewhere.

    Your dashboard should eventually update to indicate a new version is available.

    Alas, the 2.2.4 release does not fix the is_rtl() for people trying to log in after the administrator has locked everyone out. A _workaround_ for it is on GitHub (commit 127ff125f2).

    As the original poster, I take offense to the comment from Mark…This is absolutely the appropriate place to write this type of post. When an upgrade causes issues, whether from WP or a plugin, people need to know before they get into a mess that they are not expecting.

    I reported this to the community in a nice way…because bugs happen…its the nature of the beast. This community needs to look out for each other.

    Just a side note…I DID report the bug properly at the same time of the post.

    Plugin Author Mark


    It’s appropriate to post here in terms of WP, but if you’re expecting support and a bug fix to the plugin you need to follow the instructions in the readme ( you said you did ). Many, many, devs have their own support forums and other support methods and do not have time to check this forum, particularly when a plugin is given away freely and generates no revenue to cover the time involved with cruising the forum…

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