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  • After reading all the “resolved” posts and trying all fixes, I still cannot upload files via a post, page, or media ‘add new’

    Has anyone found a fix for this issue? I am rolling back to 3.2.1

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  • Update – I changed permissions on the WP-Content folder to write then allowed to propagate to the children directories after which, I changed permissions on the themes and plugin folders removing the write privileges and that seemed to allow the uploads

    However, I am NOT getting the “Drag and Drop” feature to activate it is still the standard upload dialogue box

    Update — the “Drag and Drop” feature works in Chrome but not in IE 9.0

    Also, I reverted back to the original folder/file permissions and still cannot upload/save images…

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    What error you are getting?

    If it’s just that you’re not getting the feature to activate in IE 9, try flushing IE’s cache.

    The big issue is the permissions issue, unable to write to “wp-content/uploads/12/” on one of the threads someone pointed to some sort of PHP issues however, she did not get specific

    I was able to upload photos, etc if I changed the permissions on wp-content to write as well (very unsafe method IMHO) however, when I broke permissions to plugins and themes, issues writing to the cache in the theme cropped up…

    I switched to the 2011 theme that came with 3.3 and renamed my plugins to plugins-old and still same issues with writing to the uploads folder…

    I then logged directly into the desktop of my server, fired up the web site, login to WP 3.3 and still could not upload which is strange since overall, I was logged into the desktop as admin, and admin to WP as well….

    Just gave IE a spin — used IE 9 compat mode, IE 8, and IE 7 no go on the ‘Drag and Drop’ issue (I used the developer mode F12 to change browser modes)

    “giants-vs-redskins.gif” has failed to upload due to an error
    The uploaded file could not be moved to E:\website/wp-content/uploads/2011/12.

    So for now, I guess I will stick with the 3.2.1 which was fine for me…

    P.S. if there were a method to attach screenshots, I would… I have captured side-by-side chrome vs IE Upload New Media page views… The IE looks just like the old 3.2.1 and other than the permissions issue works the same as 3.2.1

    One additional quick question… is “upload.php” the only file involved while uploading or does “functions.php” play a roll as well?

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    I was able to upload photos, etc if I changed the permissions on wp-content to write as well (very unsafe method IMHO) however, when I broke permissions to plugins and themes, issues writing to the cache in the theme cropped up…

    Okay, so change permissions on wp-content/UPLOADS only.

    Yes, the point being is, changing permissions on just uploads will not work… permissions to wp-content need to be modified as well… this has never been the case in past versions of WordPress

    This has nothing to do with IE … I get the same DNF error with Safari.

    3.3.1 does not fix it. Neither even does making ALL the related directories 777.

    Has anyone any idea what has been changed which screwed this up?

    Same here. I don´t wanna give wp-content 777. Any help ?

    This seems a little ridiculous that a solution can not be found.

    I am at my wits end, I have one subdomain installation that is plain vanilla and works fine.

    On the new subdomain installation, I have

    • deleted the database
    • deleted entire subdomain
    • installed new subdomain
    • extracted new wp3.3.1
    • uploaded new wp3.3.1
    • created different database
    • installed wp3.3.1
    • tried upload (failed)

    I have painstakingly looked through all directories and permissions and .htaccess. There are no differences.

    If support can tell me which ACTUAL php files are used I can see if there is a diff there.

    I really don’t have the time or patience but the next move is to compare files sizes between the two installations to see if I can find a diff there.

    I can’t believe that there is no solution at this time that is not BLATANTLY searchable.

    I really was looking forward to moving into WP from my native PHP sites.



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    Try posting your own topic.

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    Posted 14 minutes ago #

    Try posting your own topic.

    What is that supposed to mean?

    I can not Upload Files:

    Opening another topic is exactly the problem SPECIFICALLY with this bug, there are too many topics open about this and no solution.

    As a Test engineer I left you a detailed explanation of what I did to resolve the issue.

    I specified I have two identical subdomains, one able to upload media and plugins and one not able to upload anything.

    As a QA professional I am very surprised with your myopic response.

    I couldn´t agree more with you johnmcglaughlin.




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    Are you using the same version of WordPress on the same physical server hosted by the same hosts with the same plugins, theme & configurations as the original poster? No? Then post a new topic.

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