• I’ve been getting this error lately whenever I make a new post: Something went wrong – -32300 : transport error – HTTP status code was not 200. Any idea why? I browsed through support and the people who have had that error said it was because of a WP Version Plug-in. I don’t have a plug-in like that so could it be something else? My list of plug-ins are here.

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  • I’ve been trying to figure this one out, too.

    I thought at first it was an Opera problem, as I’d just upgraded to Opera 9.21, and I didn’t seem to have the problem in Firefox. But a downgrade to Opera 9.20 still generated the error.

    Then I thought about what I’d done recently. Why, I’d upgraded my version of Spam Karma. So I disabled that and switched to Akimset, and still got the 32300 Transport Error.

    My current working theory? I also use the LJ Crossposter–my gut feeling is it might have something to do with that.

    Man, I hope LJ Crossposter isn’t the culprit because I love that plug-in/ 🙁

    The thing is, the error isn’t actually a problem as far as I can tell. The post still goes live on my blog, and it goes live on my LJ. It just takes a little longer to show up.

    And it’s been a recent thing, within the past week. I’d upgraded to Opera 9.21 two weeks ago. I’d upgraded to WP 2.2 long before that. So I’m not sure what’s changed and why it would suddenly generate, unless it’s a problem on LJ’s end. They did have that spasm of sorts this week. :/

    So, I don’t know. Things still work. It’s just an annoying error that’s not particularly helpful in diagnosing the problem.

    I’ve confirmed that it is the LJ plug-in that’s doing this. And, I noticed that it was new too, so it may be a problem on their end.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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