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  1. chansolutions
    Posted 3 years ago #

    On a new installation of WordPress 3.2.1 when I tried to login at wp-admin I was getting the error message "you do not have sufficient permission to..". Sometimes I could see the login page but when I entered the id and pw it came up with the permissions error again.

    I read many many posts about this problem and tried many solutions. I checked my database naming structure and everything was okay. I forced a database update to no avail.

    I deleted and reinstalled WordPress via CPanel several times and nothing worked.

    One thing I was doing was asking WordPress to rename the database from wp to somethingwp.

    Finally, I installed using the default wp database variables and everything has worked since then.

    I should note that several people said the give different database names so there is no confusion. On one of my sites I have WordPress installed in three different directories and the database has automatically generated three different databases; wp1, wp2 and wp3 so there is no confusion and everything works. On other servers I have renamed the database when I installed WordPress and had no problems

    On this particular server I was having problems until I let the installation use the default wp without changing the database name.

    I spent hours and hours trying to fix this problem and thought I would share my solution.

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