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  • Issues:
    Screen options wont open
    Widgets wont open or drag
    Can not add tags to post

    I’ve already tried:
    Deactivating all plugins

    I just want to go back to 3.1.4 and I do have a database bak file. Can someone help me?

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  • I should also mention

    MySQL Version:
    PHP Version:

    and I’m now understanding it wont work with my database so how can I go back to the stable version I was on?

    Internet Explorer will allow me to make changes! How weird is that. Just can’t do it in Firefox/Chrome…

    Any thoughts..?

    You need PHP 5.2.4

    With the sites I am creating, accessing the header image within theme administration is not possible after upgrading, as any click-event fails to load the page. This has occurred on new installs of WP 3.2, and upgrade from WP 3.1.4 I have attempted this over multiple sites, and servers.

    Is there a link or easy to understand documentation on how a newbie can rollback to 3.1.4 from 3.2?

    @salsafire – hopefully someone will post to help you and I both resolve our issues.

    I have the same issues as OP following 3.2 upgrade.
    Can’t post tags, widgets won’t open. Can’t logout either.
    The + shaped cursor appears on mouse over on widgets but they won’t drag.
    Clicking on the ‘down’ arrow on an active widget, leaves a flashing text cursor to the left of the arrow.
    PHP version 5.2.12 is newer than 5.2.4 so should be fine. (The “dots” separate major and minor versions upgrades.)
    The WP 3.2 ‘Health check’ widget gave my site the ‘thumbs up’.
    Anyone else having this problem? I am on Hostgator so I’m sure more than 2 of us have run into this.

    I’m getting a similar issue on my blog The Admin panel or anything to do with it fails to load and displays a white page. It works in IE but my page body overflows its margin. It was working fine before I updated but can’t remember the version I was on last.

    I’m running Firefox 5. It isn’t PHP it’s the browser.

    EDIT: AAh, I clicked Tools, Error Console, it says this, “Security Error: Content at may not load data from”

    I use to point to my blog on my company server, why is it doing this now after an update to WP??

    I have checked in both Chrome and Firefox and in both my visual editor is gone, the insert media is gone, many of the normal buttons are grayed out. what is going on with WordPress? It is not just the latest update although it has gotten worse with the last upgrade.

    Found it – credit to these guys here:

    ..and this is how you implement:
    Add json to your php.
    In cpanel go to PHP PEAR packages. In the “PHP Extensions and Applications Package Installer” type “json” in the “Find a PHP Extensions and Applications Package” field.
    My cpanel offers “Services_JSON (1.0.3 stable)” Click ‘install’ and you’re all set 🙂

    David nailed it. You probably have a JSON problem on your PHp install. Tell your host if you can’t install it yourself.

    Uhh, no, that won’t fix it for everyone. Like I said, my case is the browser. I don’t have cPanel, I’m hosted with and they won’t change anything. It also does it on my WAMP testserver which coincidentally already has JSON. None of my admin functions work in Chrome or Firefox, but it does in IE, so how exactly is that PHP’s fault when it worked fine right up until I upgraded WordPress, hmm?

    Internet Explorer displays this when I click my Log in link or any other admin link:

    “This content cannot be displayed in a frame

    To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame.

    What you can try:
    Open this content in a new window”

    I open in a new window and it works.

    Nothing above is working to restore my dashboard and administrative functions since upgrading to 3.2. Has anyone else had any luck?

    Well that was a short lived victory! I cleared my FF5 cache and the problem returned. I ran the json update on another blog but cannot repeat the successful outcome. Certainly looks like a browser problem. Am running with IE8 temporarily now, which seems ok.

    How do you run with IE8 🙁 I have no idea what that is? Is anyone from the WordPress team going to investigate this issue and update the update?

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