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    Hi – What’s the easiest way to verify that the database update step in WP 3.12 automatic update in fact succeeded, or to simply repeat it or re-install to be sure?

    I use self-hosted WordPress and just did an automatic update from 3.11 to 3.12. The update process got as far as “Installing updated files …” and then got stuck there.

    After several minutes, I realized that I’d accidentally left myself logged in at my PHP vadmin console after backing up the database. (My bad!) Presumably, this locked the database against writes and caused the WordPress automatic update to get stuck. I logged out of PHPadmin, but the WordPress autoupdate screen showed no change. I never saw the “Updating database …” or “Installation successful messages.”

    I hit reload, but it asked me “Are you sure you want to do this?” so I didn’t continue.

    WordPress admin screen claims that it’s been updated to 3.12 and the site seems to be fine, but I’m not sure the database portion of the install actually succeeded.

    1) How can I verify that the database portion of the install (and the rest of it, for that matter) truly succeeded?
    2) Should I just do an “automatic reinstall” of 3.12 to be safe?

    I have backups of both the site files and the DB before and after the 3.12 update attempt, so if all else fails, I can always restore from backup. Thanks for any advice!

    P.S. I did the 3.12 automatic update on another WP site I have *without* PHPadmin logged in, and it ran just fine *and* displayed the “Updating database …” and “Installation successful!” messages.

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    – switching to the Twenty Ten theme by renaming your current theme’s folder in wp-content/themes using FTP or whatever file management application your host provides.

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or phpMyAdmin.

    – re-uploading all files & folders – except the wp-content folder – from a fresh download of WordPress.

    – re-running the upgrade manually using wp-admin/upgrade.php.

    Thanks esmi! Buoyed by your reassurance that I could re-run the upgrade, and knowing that I had a full site and DB backup if all else failed, I just backed everything up again to be safe, made sure I was logged out of PHPadmin this time, turned off my plug-ins, and repeated the upgrade through the automatic UI. This time, it ran through to completion without incident, reporting that both files and database had been upgraded. All seems fine; I’m marking this resolved.

    Many thanks to you for taking the time to answer, and my compliments to the developers of WordPress on making the upgraders so fault-tolerant and re-runnable!



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    Glad I could help 🙂

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