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  • As soon as I upgraded one of my sites to WordPress 3.1.1, Firestats started giving me errors on all of my sites. I finished upgrading the others, and looked in phpMyAdmin, and the Firestats database appeared to be deleted. Only a new “pending_data” table exists, which FireStats added because its data is inaccessible. I contacted my host’s support, and they indicated that the tables are all present, but for some reason, they’re marked as having unrepairable errors.

    I’m running Firestats 1.6.7-stable on its own database, shared across a bunch of WP sites, and I’m using the 1.6.7-stable WordPress plugin to let each WP site interact with FireStats.

    I’ve been using WP and Firestats together for years, and I’ve never seen anything like this. How can WP summarily mark all of the FireStats database tables as having unrepairable errors with a minor security update?

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