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    The automatic upgrade to 3.1 went well. However, I now have, presumably as part of the new admin strip that appears when I view my site, a large and intrusive photograph of myself covering up a substantial part of my screen. So since a) I feel like a complete dick looking at a picture of myself whenever I look at my site, and b) really need to see what’s under that picture, I’m wondering if there’s some setting somewhere that allows me to customize the admin strip or even turn it off altogether.

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    To disable the Admin bar, navigate to your Profile page and untick when viewing site under Show Admin Bar, then save your changes.

    The image should be 16 pixels square. If it’s super-large, then you might have something in your theme’s CSS that is overriding the size, somehow.

    Check for anything referencing .avatar in your CSS.

    Thanks. I thought there must be a setting somewhere, but hadn’t been able to find it. Yes, we have a class called .avatar. I’m imagining a lot of people will, so perhaps “avatar” wasn’t the best name for WordPress to pick. a 16px square avatar would have been fine.

    And thanks!

    Could be a plugin conflict, since I use the Author Avatars List plugin, and also the Avatars plugin.

    I also wondered if it was to do with the fact that the html has the class and size for the avatar in single quotes rather than double quotes. Is it possible that this is throwing the browser off? Seems unlikely since the image is large in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

    I marked the thread as unresolved because the underlying problem of why the avatar is appearing as a large image is still, well, unresolved. My two current hypotheses are that it’s either a plugin conflict, or the code being in single quotes is causing the problem.

    OK, on one of my other sites the avatar is displaying properly, so it’s probably a plugin conflict or a css issue. But with the size being specified in the code for the image, I didn’t think any css could override that? I tried adding height and width specifications for .avatar-16 as the very last item on my stylesheet, but that didn’t work either. Puzzling.

    OK, it’s the Avatars plugin (add-local-avatar.php). When I disabled the plugin my avatar reverted to a generic icon, but it was the right size. I’ll let the plugin developer know there’s a problem.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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