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  • Since updating to 3.1 pagination doesn’t work any more for custom post types. Was this expected or is there is quick update fix?

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  • Are they doing away with custom post types?

    Don’t ask me how I discovered, but after a long annoying process of trial and error I discovered WordPress just doesn’t like the word


    The first page always shows up, but


    Never shows up. WordPress will however acknowledge every other letter of the alphabet as the last letter of the page url and display properly for



    but refuses to paginate if you end with the letter e.

    It will also work for


    But for some reason it just hates


    It just stopped working for /restaurant-guide also….

    How is this possible? Nothing in the coding has changed, the only new thing is a few new posts.

    Haha, wow, now the /restaurantguide page works….

    I’ve tried deleting all of the pages and permanently deleting them from the trash and then creating new pages, but this still says it can’t find /page/2/

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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