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    Is anyone else having issues with resizing 3.1 beta 1’s visual editor in Firefox 4 beta 8? I can drag the bottom portion of the UI down, but the content area doesn’t expand. If I reload the page, the content will fill the newly saved height of the editor, but if I change it again (increase or decrease) the issue repeats.


    I saw this TinyMCE related bug here, that was apparently fixed in beta 8, so I’m not sure this is related or if it’s a WordPress thing. It seems to work fine in other browsers though…

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  • idliketofly, do you mean Firefox 4 Beta 7? Beta 8 has not been released yet.

    I am running the latest official nightly build (4.0b8pre, 20101128) and I cannot reproduce this issue.

    (I am resizing the text area by the handle at the bottom right, which, if I understood correctly, is what you describe.)

    Maybe this was an issue in Beta 7 that has been fixed in pre-releases of Beta 8?


    My apologies – it was late or early depending on how you look at it, lol! I am also running 4.0b8pre and just auto-updated this morning, so we should be on the same page.

    I’ve gone through it a little more thoroughly and, like Bug 605481, it seems to only trigger when there are multiple instances of the visual editor in place. It also appears that it does not seem affect the last instance of the editor to “load”(?).

    It’s most likely a Firefox issue, but because I’m using a WordPress beta (and also not just my on test case for TinyMCE), I wanted to see if anyone else could reproduce it.

    I’m not sure how to go about “reopening” a resolved bug on Bugzilla…


    Hi Mike,

    I went to the skins page in the TinyMCE site:

    and saw what you describe. But in WordPress I don’t see an issue. The content expands instantly as I resize the textarea.

    Hi Demetris,

    Do you have multiple visual editors (separate instances of the WYSIWYG) on the WordPress screen you tested?


    No. Just one instance.

    At least we can now say that this is a Firefox 4 issue, since Firefox 3.6 and other browsers work as expected with the examples at the TinyMCE site.

    Yea, I kinda figured it was but with everything I’m using being in beat, LOL, plus the fact that I’m adding custom meta boxes to the edit screens on this particular site, I thought it was prudent to check here too. =)

    I’ve submitted a bug into Mozilla’s bugzilla for this, so hopefully they will take care of it soon…

    Thanks for helping me eliminate WordPress from the bug. =)


    Just wanted to confirm that as of today’s build of Minefield 4.0b8pre, this bug seems to be fixed.

    That’s good to know. Thanks for the update!

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