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  • Ben


    Dear WordPress,

    Apologies if this is a double-up – the forum search on here left me in a lurch…

    I develop customised implementations of WordPress which make use of the wp-content/install.php hooks to setup the environment exactly as the customer needs it to be off and running…

    I’d been working with 3.03 IIS (as they’re Win2008 based hosting, and while I don’t know all the nuances of the differences in PHP between the IIS and regular packages, I know that the IIS version is the one to pick for such a deployment)…

    Looking back through the release history, all previous versions followed with a “3.0x” and a “3.0x IIS” release quite swiftly….

    As I’ve seen the security warnings attached to 3.03, I’m holding off until 3.04 IIS is available…

    If this likely to be soon, or has WordPress evolved to the point where one set of PHP works optimally in both environments?

    Excuse my ignorance for not knowing the exact differences between the two versions, I’m just keen to do the right thing for a client that wants to me able to use a slightly customised install to roll out lots of mini-sites (hence, I need to be sure the base I give them is optimised and stable, and that the install hooks I’ve deveoped will work in 3.04)…

    Thanks in advance for your help!!



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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    I THINK you should be okay just copying up the files listed from the regular WordPress release.



    Does anyone actually know why there have been a regular and an “IIS” release of all versions prior to v3.04? Can the PHP codebase not be written so that if there are any O/S specific differences that need to be taken into account, this can be done within one core trunk of the development?

    I appreciate Ipstenu’s reply- I’m just genuinely curious what the difference between the two packages is?

    Also, if I install the “IIS” variant of say v3.02, etc – does the WP Auto-Updater in the admin pages know to download the IIS version of v3.03, 3.04, etc, or does it just clobber the core files with the “regular” version of the published new package…

    Would just love to understand why these two versions exist, and what benefits (or impacts) there are for choosing one over the other on a Windows-based web server?

    Thanks to anyone who can shed any more light on the topic…. 🙂



    Little bit late on the reply, but I did wonder the differences between the IIS and normal release.

    Basically, there is none. The ‘wordpress’ folder in the download packages are identical, the only difference is there is an extra SQL script and two XML files at the top level of the zip. The SQL is a new add_user SP. Maybe the XML files are configurators for WebMatrix?

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