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  • Resolved mindkil


    I have a problem that when I installed the new version of the Shadowbox it made the page where I had images triggering the Video-box showing the list of the Albums which were made with the NextGen gallery plug-in. The other pages were working as before.
    When I reverted back to the old version of Shadowbox the problem disappeared..
    Anyway it’s working fine with the old version also…

    Is it some conflict in the database??


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  • Plugin Author Matt Martz


    This plugin now hooks into the post display process a lot earlier. It is possible that there is a conflict between the way that NextGen and this plugin now works.

    If I get time I may look into this.

    I had the same problem on two of my sites when I upgraded to After scrambling to find a solution, I disabled Shadowbox JS and the problem disappeared. I found the solution to be to revert back to Shadowbox JS which works fine. So there is definitely a conflict with NextGen Gallery.

    For hints, and for whatever they may be worth, the ill behavior seems to insert NextGEN gallery management thumbnails, adding NextGEN album code although I have no albums, and there is a visible code snippet:


    visible here and there. Another user reported the same code snippet to be visible when I posted this problem on NextGEN support forum.

    I hope these hints may help you locate the problem soon. Thanks for a nice plugin (when it works 😉

    Plugin Author Matt Martz


    Can you provide a snippet of the text that is in your post? Then I can try duplicating the issue.

    I did, it is on the line after “… code snippet:”

    I can see it in the forum post. Let me write it once more in case something is preventing it from being seen:


    This was visible in several places and as I said another user mentioned it on my post at:


    I have the same.

    Take a look at this:

    The HTML actually set in the post

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    Have the same problem. I’m downgrading to get my blog to work.

    Just wanted to say that I have a similar problem since I upgraded to My problem was however a conflict with YouTube SimpleGallery. The youtube links opened up on YouTube instead of on my page. I installed Thickbox in the meanwhile but would much prefer to use Shadowbox. I’ll try reinstalling the previous version when I find the time. In the meanwhile I look forward to a new version. Thanks

    Plugin Author Matt Martz


    So I found out what the issue is. When possible shadowbox creates an “album”, or a grouping of images using a string that looks like [album-123] where 123 is the post ID. NextGen adds a shortcode for ‘album’. This normally shouldn’t be an issue, except there appears to be a bug in the shortcode parsing regex in WordPress. The regex believes that [album] and [album-123] are the same thing, and thus the NextGen shortcode runs, and breaks the html.

    As I realize that at best a fix to the regex would make it into WP 3.2, this is still a while off. I will work on another solution in the short term.

    The reason this started happening now, is that I hook into the post generation process much earlier than previously. So previously the shadowbox code inserted the album grouping after the NextGen code had run.

    Plugin Author Matt Martz


    A new version has been pushed that should address these issues. The new version is

    Version addresses a bug where other plugins registering [post] or [album] could interfere and cause invalid HTML and general unexpected results.

    Thank you, the Shadowbox now works great!!


    Hey Matt,
    I know that the title of this thread is ‘Conflicts with Next-Gen gallery” but since I already posted the problem above I’ll continue here. Unfortunately the new version didn’t correct the problem for me with YouTube SimpleGallery. Still opening YouTube instead of staying on the WordPress page.
    Thanks for the update.

    Plugin Author Matt Martz


    @fiddlerman: Make sure that in the YouTube SimpleGallery settings that you have Shadowbox selected, and then in Shadowbox make sure that ‘Smart Loading’ is set to ‘false’. These settings work fine for me.

    Thanks Matt, It was the “Smart Loading” that caused the problem. Setting it to false as you suggested fixed it for me. Thanks for a great plug-in



    Umm, I see this says that it is resolved but I am having the same problems. I am using the latest version,, and have tried all the remedies suggested above.

    But I am still getting albums from the next-gen gallery being called.

    Anyone have any suggestions?



    After reading the changelog over here

    I now understand that the album name cannot have any hyphens or it will conflict with the next gen gallery plugin.

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