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  • Trying to use the automated upgrade to 3.0.3 from 3.0.1 failed. Is there a way to determine why the failure?


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  • That’s what I had to do. My question is, is there a way to determine why the automated update failed.


    Could be any number of reason

    Thanks again… however that is not what my question is. My question is, “is there a way to determine why the failure”? For example, is there a log file that I can look at that may state why the failure happened?

    your host should have a set of error logs in the cpanel

    I am the host, there is no CPanel as I mentioned in the other post.

    if you are the host you should know where your error log is.

    I appreciate your answer. If you are referring to the Windows log files, yes, Indeed I know where those are. However, if you are referring to specific WP log files, then no, I do not. It would be most helpful if you could be a bit more specific.


    it is the sites error log files, not anything specific for WordPress.

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    You need to check your SERVER error log.

    By host we mean the people you’re paying for space on their server. Even when you run your own VPS, you’re not the host. They are, you’re just the admin 🙂

    Not sure how to explain this any better. I am the owner of the servers. I am the host. I am touching the servers as we speak. And yes… I am also the admin.

    And as I stated in the other post, there is nothing in the server event logs that indicates any issue.

    The issue now is mute as I stated in the other post, I have just restored the server snapshot I took prior to the installation and the server is once again running successfully on 3.0.1 with all blogs working.


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    I gotcha. Believe it or not, we get a LOT of confusion about what it really means to be a webhost. Reseller != host, etc etc etc.

    Windows server event logs aren’t the same as the error logs for your webserver, IIRC. I remember IIS having a separate place for error_log and such.

    Though … really dumb question time. When you manually upgraded, did you grab the IIS install?

    I am not a reseller.

    The issue is now mute as the server has been restored to the snapshot I took prior to the upgrade. All is working as it was prior to the upgrade this morning.

    The IIS log files are located at c:\windows\system32\logfiles

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    Moot. Not mute 🙂

    And while a backout did resolve the issue, it doesn’t address the problem that … well that shouldn’t happen. Oh and did we mention that there’s a security flaw in 3.0.1 and 3.0.2? Now. Only 6 or so files were changed in .2 and .3, so really none of that makes any sense…

    I would

    1) Download the 3.0.3 IIS version from
    2) ONLY copy up the files listed in and
    3) Test 🙂

    Yup… moot 🙂

    You are absolutely correct… it did not address the problem. However as I stated on the other post, viewers were unable to access the site since I performed the upgrade much earlier this morning. And as it was not getting solved by any of the replies I was forced to restore the snapshot.

    And no… am not aware of any security flaws in 3.0.1. News to me.

    I will most certainly try this again at some point in the future however, I have wasted most of the morning and early afternoon trying to diagnose and rectify this issue caused by the upgrade to no avail.

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