3.01b Can't get WWW on multi-user install to work (2 posts)

  1. AndrewE
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi all,

    I'm running WP 3.01b. My TLD is http://www.theatrefutures.org.uk and I have several blogs running off that domain, one example is http://www.theatrefutures.org.uk/research

    My problem is that even if I enter the full url: http://www.theatrefutures.org.uk I get redirected to a non "WWW" version: http://theatrefutures.org.uk.

    Thankfully in this case both iterations load the site main page.

    In the case of the subdomain blogs on the other hand, if I enter the domain name with "WWW" as in the case of http://www.theatrefutures.org.uk/research I get redirected to the TLD http://theatrefutures.org.uk/

    What I want to achieve is a scenario whereby all domains, TLD or subdomains, using either WWW or not, point to their relevant pages.

    I'm sorry for the convoluted explanation. I hope it makes sense. I'd be really grateful for some help in resolving this.

    Many thanks for your time and patience.

  2. http://theatrefutures.org.uk/research/ works so the site's okay...

    Go into your admin section. Under the Super Admin menu, click on Sites. There's an option to EDIT your site. When you go in to the edit for your site (/research), check the Domain setting. I bet it's missing the www.

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