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    I remade a site and the new site is WordPress. (it went from regular html pages to wordpress php pages)

    I have 5 pages that need a 301 Permanent redirect. I’ve followed every tutorial and from what I’ve seen I’m doing everything right but when I put my new .htaccess file over to the root of my WordPress folder it causes an Internal Server error and this site is no longer visible online. Here is how I’m doing is:

    I have 5 but here are examples of 2 of them:

    Redirect 301 /consultants.html

    Redirect 301 /services.html

    I have the redirects at the very top and it’s BEFORE the # BEGIN WordPress code that’s already in the file

    I have one blank line between each of the Redirect’s

    ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT! I don’t want to loose all of the SEO juice from the last html pages ;-(

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    try like this, for example:

    Redirect /consultants.html

    Doesn’t it have to have the 301 in there to tell it that it’s a permanent redirect?.

    But I will try it tomorrow!

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    try without it

    Does the rest of my syntax look ok do u think?

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    yes, just try it should work (without 301)

    I just tried it… it does not work and still gives an INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.. (takes whole site except for Home page down) I just don’t understand it… do you have any other suggestions…I haven’t had any redirection on these pages for for 5 days and getting really worried…


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    If the site is on a remote server, discuss with the host as to why i does not work on their server.

    I am doing that right now! I do appreciate your help tho, thank you very much for trying…it just seems like it should NOT be this difficult, this should be a 5 min fix and I’ve been struggling with it for 3 days…

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    You are right – it’s realy simple thing. I use it all the time.
    Just talk to your host what’s going on.

    Do you have an example of one you have successfully used that you might send me in a private message that I can see? Or are you doing it the exact same way? I’m just so curious why it won’t work 🙁

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    same way. Ask your host if they allow redirect or have something different

    I have a support ticket in but I’m so loosing confidence in this host. I will never use them again for a WordPress site….

    OMG I JUST had to post back on this… all that was wrong with my 301 Redirect was that it was placed before the #Wordpress block of code…which was the instructions I got from another post on this blog…that is INCORRECT, at least for my hosting company.

    I really hope I can save others the frustration I just experienced! The 301 Redirects go AFTER the WordPress code in the .htaccess file and look exactly like this:

    Redirect 301 /newsletters.html

    and if there are more pages you just add them in on the line after…

    4 silly small SIMPLE links geeze I’m glad I got that worked out!!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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