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  • I am not sure if this is a WP problems or a Vodahost problem.

    I am running WP multisite

    my primary domain is redirected twice and ends up on my other site with my other host.

    A route trace on my primary domain shows that is has two 301 redirects to various of my other sites. I must have redirected them at some stage while I was working on the main site.

    I can’t seem to cancel those redirects now.

    I am not changing hosts.
    The final 301 redirect is to one of my sites on different host which hosted a temporary site. (me just playing)
    On WP no redirect plugins are active.
    No specific redirects are included in the .htacess file. It is the default for multisite.

    CPanel shows no redirects.

    THe trace shows this:
    301 Redirect (yip
    301 Redirect

    In a nutshell, I think I just need to cancel the redirects either on WP or on the CPanel but neither shows the redirects. Where else could I find the code to cancel the redirects?

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