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    I have read (and read) and I seem to have a mental block on this.

    Here is an example this url

    is showing in my bing webmaster tools as a redirect. Redirect from where – I didn’t change the web address of the page.

    I have 2 questions,

    1.) In my bing webmaster tools, I am getting 62 of the 301’s but when I type the address it works (but it does seem slower than it used to be) so I don’t understand

    2.) Can some give me the dumbed down really easy version of what a 301 is and what types of things affect it.

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  • That is about how many end with a number /####/ – that does not appear to be a usually permalink – what plugin or method is this site using to do so? A redirect seems to be pointed to?

    Hi I have the permalink structure as /%postname%/%post_id%/ and I have a plugin that strips the category base.

    The weird thing is I check all the time and I never had this issue before.

    Isn’t a redirect like if I changed an address? I haven’t done that.

    You’re right – it is a plugin – it’s the Yoast SEO plug-in

    Keep same permalinks or you will lose SEO. Lose that plugin, I have seen too many complain in this forum about it – all the requirements can be done and should be done per webmaster tools at all major search engines and is worth your time and effort.

    To get any old links now to work, write specific 301 redirect rules in .htaccess pointing old links to new ones – after some time (few months or so) review your webmaster tools and you will likely see only bots and spiders and bad sites referring to these old links, at that point redirect all old links to your custom page that notes: You started at an outdated link and to use site search to find this content now.

    The less we rely on plugins the better.

    Thanks a lot for the info. The good thing about the plug in especially at the beginning for me (I’m still new at this) was it really helped me to focus on keywords density, keywords, titles and such but I have been reading and learned a lot over the past few months and have been steadily climbing.

    The last 2 updates of the plug-in have had a lot of issues which I am sure he is trying to fix but – -.

    I got my site back working and did not touch permalinks – thanks 🙂 and I will take your advice.

    I still don’t get why the links are old tho – I did not change them so what are they redirecting from? I’m fairly tech minded but that’s the part I am way lost on.

    Thanks again,

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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