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301 redirect entire HTML Static Site to WordPress

  • Hi!

    We are renaming a 3 year old business and working on a brand new website DOMAIN2.com using WordPress.

    Our old company website (DOMAIN1.com, HTML Static) has good traffic and search engine rangkings. We’re going to keep almost same content, the only diffrences will be WordPress and a new domain name.

    Now, I want to redirect entire old website urls to the new site like below examples.

    http//DOMAIN1.com to http//DOMAIN2.com
    http//DOMAIN1.com/about to http//DOMAIN2.com/about
    http//DOMAIN1.com/services to http//DOMAIN2.com/services
    http//DOMAIN1.com/services/service1 to http//DOMAIN2.com/service1
    http//DOMAIN1.com/services/service2 to http//DOMAIN2.com/service2

    What can be the best way to accomplish the above? Kindly advice.

    Thank you for helping me 🙂

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