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    My website is, but it resolves to:

    Because I want to offer my students the ability to pay for classes with credit cards, I needed a secure network. I learned that the servers ( and had SSL, and that it was apparently already installed on my website. So I went into the general settings and changed both my WordPress Address (URL) and my Site Address (URL) to Fine. That made the WooCommerce plugin happy. I even did an online test, and it said that the TSL Certificate for was correctly installed. When I click on my old website shortcut on my desktop it takes me to the secure version.

    But unless I specifically input https://etc. the browser will resolve to the http:// unsecured network. When I do input https:// etc., it shows up as a secured network. Hence my installation of 301 redirect. I currently have 3 redirects for:,, and All of them I have being redirected to

    And…none of them work. When I input any one of them in my browser, they all bring me to the unsecure http site. I tried refreshing the cache, but no luck.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Actually, now that I try out the links on my message, above, NONE of them take me to the secure site. Only my shortcut on my desktop, which I created years ago. That one takes me to the https:// site.

    @douglas47 I think what You need is the other plugin we have to force ssl. This is to inform, for example, google that url is now

    For what you need just use our plugin:

    Before installing this plugin please put back again your wordpress and site url back to http. The plugin will take care of everything for you.

    Plugin Author WebFactory


    Hi, there’s a lot going on here. My colleague will have a more in-depth look but 99% that at least some of the issues you’re having will not be solvable by this plugin but rather something like

    Hi Manuel. First, thanks for your reply. So I went into my general settings and set my wordpress and site url back to http. Then I installed the plugin wp-force-ssl.

    [Sigh] No luck. When I click on Test site’s SSL certificate, it comes back with the message, “An undocumented error has occurred. Please refresh the page and try again.”

    I refresh the page and it gives the same result. Maybe I should deactivate the 301-redirect?

    After trying a few more things, I saw a message that said to make sure your wordpress and site url are set to https. So I changed them back. When I did that and then ran “Test Site’s SSL Certificate”, the message came back: “Test completed successfully. Valid SSL Certificate found.”

    But every combination of yoga space that I put into my browser still produces http, not https. And still my shortcut on my desktop takes me to the secure site.

    AND NOW I THINK I FOUND THE PROBLEM! The desktop shortcut came from Internet Explorer. When I use that as my browser and use any variation, it takes me to the secure site. When I use Google Chrome, it doesn’t. I’m not sure how to fix that, but maybe you have a suggestion?

    @douglas47 did you disable/uninstall 301? You don’t need it when using the force ssl.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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