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  1. brandtmarke
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi there,

    i had done a fresh WP 2.7 installation in a subdirectory of my domain and imported my posts/data successfully from my old installation (blog.brandtimage.de to brandtimage.de/blog) and updated the settings of the old one like descriped in the WP-Docs Section.
    ( blog.brandtimage.de pointed to it´s own directory / physical poth but on the same server)

    Everything should be work fine. But when I enter a permalink of the old site, i.e. http://blog.brandtimage.de/2008/05/13/designoptimierung-fur-alle-nur-2999/ it doesn´t redirect to http://brandtimage.de/blog/2008/05/13/designoptimierung-fur-alle-nur-2999/.

    Can I redirect permantly from http://blog.brandtimage.de/<permalink&gt; to http://www.brandtimage.de/<permalink&gt; via a htaccess rule so that i can delete my old installtion except a htaccess placed in the root directory of blog.brandtimage.de

  2. brandtmarke
    Posted 6 years ago #

    no idea how to solve this?

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