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  • Just updated to 3.o and installed F2 theme. But any link for New Posts loads a blank page. I cant add new posts! Help.
    Tried an alternate theme, did not help
    Any suggestions please

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  • Turn off all your plugins.

    Thanks. But no.
    I have tried turning all plugins off and it has not helped. I seem to load
    wp-admin/post-new.php page but nothing there. Tried clicking to see if it was white on white but no looks to be missing.

    Okay. Delete the wp-admin and wp-includes folder and reupload from a FRESH copy of WP 3.0’s zip.

    I have same problem. I tried uploaded new fresh copy of WP. Nothing is helping.

    And btw. How can I deactive my plugin? When I go to /wp-admin page its blank there… even my main page of blog is clean.

    edit: never mind. I deleted the plugins from FTP, and its working… and now uploading one and one plugin to see wich one crash that.

    The other way is to rename the plugins folder to plugins-old 🙂

    I have deleted and replaced wp-admin and wp-includes
    Still no joy. I also note that neither new posts nor new pages are available, I have admin priviliges.

    I really appreciate yr help. What can Itry next?

    You can get into the wp-admin side right?

    Reset permalinks to ‘default’ (ugly) permalinks.

    Yes I am in admin and everything else seems to be ok

    Just set permalinks to default – didnt help, so I have set them back to date and name

    Any other ideas?

    This is ONLY happening on the backend, correct? The front-end of your site is fine?

    yes, from a visitor pov noone will know, except i cant add new content

    Your going to right?

    This is just … weird. The only time I’ve seen this is with a plugin conflict or a bad upgrade.

    I can get to edit.php and work there it is wp-admin/post-new.php that is a blank page.
    I just tried a login as a different administrator, same problem

    I thought it might be a permissions issue, but just updated a plugin ok

    just dont know what to do next. Doing a complete reinstall would be a big job wouldnt it?

    I believe this is the same problem I’m having, posted separately. I have tried everything above except the permalink switch — now have tried that, and still no visual editor for either posts or pages.

    Doing a complete reinstall would be a big job wouldnt it?

    Not really …

    If you deleted everything EXCEPT for /wp-content/ (the whole folder) and your wp-config.php and .htaccess files, you could just download a fresh copy of 3.0 from this site and copy those files up manually.

    A pain, yes, but not really too hard.

    Are your plugins all still turned off? Have you tried the default (2010) theme? There may be some feature of your theme causing bork.

    ok I guess I ll have to try that. I’ll back up everything first.
    I tried the 2010 default theme, but did not help.
    While I am backing up, and before installing, could this be a problem with creating new docs? Or should the dialog appear anyway?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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