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    I am running a 3.0 multisite subdomain installation with Donncha’s domain mapping plugin, and have several domains mapped as follows: -> -> ->

    I want to map an additional blog as the following: ->
    where the main site of is non-WP, ASP content, hosted on an entirely different server.

    how do I accomplish this task, if it is even possible?

    the A-records for all of the above domains/hosts point to the WP install as I outlined in the post at:

    Andrea? 😉

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  • Hey Everyone!

    I am currently building a small blog network using WordPress Multisite and Buddypress. I have successfully configured multisite and correctly installed the domain mapping plugin, thanks to Otto’s great tutorial and the things that have been addressed on this forum. At this point there is only one final configuration that needs to be made before the network is ready for action:

    Correct configuration of the DNS records in order for domain mapping to work properly.

    I host my network via JustHost. My domains have also been purchased through JustHost. Domains are registered and managed via PipeDNS. PipeDNS uses DNS nameserver records instead of A records or CNAME records as exemplified in the following example:

    Nameserver 1
    Nameserver 2
    Nameserver 3

    What configurations do I need to make to these records if I wanted to acheive the following scenario:

    Mask a particular subdomain (e.g., with its own unique top-level domain (e.g.,, thereby allowing a more branded and personalized presentation of the site.

    If I can get over this final hump, I will be overjoyed. I would like to allow bloggers in my network the ability to create a unique domain for their blog if they so choose (much like does), so that’s why I would really like to have this done before going forward.

    Go to JustHost. Ask them if they can park domains on top of another, or do a ServerAlias.

    Yes, Otto covered this. 😉

    The A record instructs servers everywhere to go to that IP address for that domain. the nameservers do pretty much the same thing.

    The piece you’re missing is at the webhost.

    Thanks, Andrea! I will ask the webhost about doing a ServerAlias. I’ll let you know how it works out!


    Sorry for the delay in giving you an update. I found the problem.

    Yes, JustHost does allow you to do a ServerAlias. In fact, they allow you to host as many domains on an account as you like (with some limitations, of course). I have several domains on my hosting account. The problem that I had was due to the fact that the domain name that I am using for my network is not the primary domain name for the hosting account. In essence, what I was trying to do would be like trying to use a ServerAlias over another ServerAlias.

    To remedy the problem (for the sake of anyone else trying to do this using JustHost), I simply moved the domain in question to its own hosting account, making it the primary domain. From there, I simply added the domains that I wanted to map as parked domains on that same hosting account (not domain addons) and followed the standard plugin configurations. Everything works beautifully!


    parking a domain in Cpanel is making a ServerAlias. 🙂


    I’m also using the domain-mapping plugin with 3.0.1 multisite. I’ve read otto tutorials and any other doc that I could found. There is only one thing I’m not clear.

    What I learned from everywhere is to add an A record in the DNS setting of my other domains to point it to the ip address of my main site. However my domains were purchased from 1and1 and they don’t have an interface to add an A record. It their DNS setting, you can go either CNAME or DNS; under DNS, they make me to fill in up to 4 name servers. Should I just put in the name servers of my hosting company? I tried putting in my IP but it is not accepted as a valid name server. If I put in my domain, it accepts it but I suspect I should put in name servers instead.

    BTW, what you have a domain registrar you can recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

    Never mind, I just figured out how to set an A record at 1and1. Now waiting for DNS propagation.

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