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3.0 Menu Questions

  • I’d like to have a menu item with a list of pages/post/or categories as submenu items, but no actual page for the parent. Is there a way to specify a custom link so that it doesn’t actually create a link? (404 pages are not helpful here)

    Also, how might I use an individual ID tag for each list item in the menu? The CSS tag (optional) let me handle special cases I needed but this labeling hints I might be able to do more & I can’t even figure out what I should look up.

    Finally is there a list of specifications for the menu so that I can figure out if things are bugs or features not included?

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  • Hi!
    When I’m creating a menu, I’d like to have the same thing. The only thing I do is that I make the parent link look like this: http://# and nothing else. It’s pretty simple but it works like a charm.


    It’s letting me input the menu item (which is definately a plus) but if I should be so foolish as to click on the link it’s still giving me an invalid address indicator.

    Update: If you blank the http://# link once you’re in the custom menu structure it works perfectly.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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