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  • I have a custom WP layout for my site and I just upgraded from 2.9.2 to 3.0. No everything is loading extremely slow, i mean everything, even my admin page takes forever to load. Can someone help me to resolve this. I even tried to re-install 3.0 and it just hangs at “unpacking data”

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  • did you ‘just’ upgrade?

    When I upgraded yesterday, everything was crappy slow. I just logged off the site restarted browser, cleared everything (cache) and have been fine since

    At this point in time, the speed is embarrassing – both my site and admin. Come on, WP – if you’re going to do an upgrade, do it right. At least I’ve learned a lesson – don’t mess with what works.

    yes I upgraded about two hours ago, and now my site takes almost 17-20 seconds to load. even when I go to my wp admin page its takes forever to load

    My site has also slowed down since the 3.0 upgrade. I have found that the WP memory limit was set to it’s default 32M. I have changed this to 192 which is also the PHP memory limit on my server and yet this still has no effect. The site isn’t SLOOOW but it has slowed down a tad since upgrading.

    Is there anything I can do to speed things up?

    AZZIE I had this issue but I have just changed from using a child theme to a parent theme and all is good. Have you tried just with the default theme too?

    Im sorry I dont know what that means, I have a custom theme. What do you mean by not a child theme and use a parent theme?

    Sometimes themes come with a main parent theme which is the main theme itself and what is known as a ‘child’ theme. The child theme allows users to alter CSS and things without altering the parent theme so that when upgrades are done to themes you can keep all the custom changes within the child theme.

    If you click appearance—>themes check to see if there are 2 versions of the theme you are using. One will be parent, one will be labelled child. try both and see if that helps anything.

    There could well be the fact that the theme you are using isn’t updated yet for WP3.0 so check you have the latest version of the theme too.
    Good luck!

    PJ Brunet


    Hey it’s called progress. LOL.

    Show us some before and after stats of your server load.

    @knowningArt_com how is that progress??? if before 3.0 my site was snappy and now its not? @rossagrant I have a custom wordpress theme, its not a theme you select from the library of word press themes so there no need for update



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    Have you tried switching to the 2010 theme to rule out any theme-specific problems?

    Same problems here. And I don’t want to switch to the 2010 theme. I’m starting to want to switch back to 2.9.2, though.

    Glad to know it’s not just me, but sorry to hear so many people are having this problem!

    I have the same problem, I updated as soon as 3.0 was made available and regret it. It made the dasboard slow as, causing many errors due to the slow loading, and the front end would load in stages. It has nothing to do with plugins or theme. I am putting 2.9.2 back on till this gets sorted. I downloaded it at

    I solved my problem by running /wp-admin/upgrade.php on the website that were running slow. If anyone knows that special page wordpress uses to upgrade all the databases at once post it here.

    I’m having the same problem. Anyone know if there will be a new release soon to fix this? If not, how do I revert back to version 2.9? My blog’s so slow now that it’s almost impossible to use. It took me about an hour to get a post to publish last night.

    It’s so good to hear others are having the same issue. Ever since I updated to 3.0, my admin page only loads about 30% of the time (70% of the time I get an error). And my dashboard has yet to fully load once. By this, I mean the stats part at the bottom of the dashboard never loads. Also, when I click on stuff in the dashboard, it is very slow to load (if it loads). Readers of my site have mentioned that the site takes MUCH longer to download. What’s the deal?

    Would it hurt anything to switch back to the previous version?

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