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  • Well I am glad I read the changelog before upgrading, since this plugin is now useless in that it requires me to install regular Jetpack to make it work. What is the point of that?

    Might as well just use Jetpack, NOT use this plugin and disable all the bloatware manually.

    Good job on ruining a good thing.

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    Good rating from someone that never tried the version for which the rating is.

    The point of this plugin was always to disable all modules except for stats and shortlink.

    And it stills does the same, and does automatically.

    Using this plugin is not the same than disabling Jetpack modules manually.

    But obviously you’re not interested in knowing anything, only in using rating for express your opinion without ask first, read the FAQ or try new version to see what it really does.

    I’m glad people like you stops using my plugin.

    Why would I try it when it is now completely useless? The entire reason I used the plugin was to avoid installing the bloated Jetpack plugin. Now that I have to install it anyway what is the point? There isn’t one, I can disable Jetpack modules easily enough on my own.

    Rather that accept legitimate criticism you are instead choosing to attack and insult your users. Pretty unbelievable.

    The one star review stands based on what condescending and arrogant [quack] the plugin author clearly is.

    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    The only one insulting here is you. And it makes clear what kind of person are you 😉

    I don’t give a [quack] about your rating, or any other rating.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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