[resolved] 3.0 Alpha - Registration is an endless loop (2 posts)

  1. If you clicked on 'register' or manually went to http://mysite.com/wp/wp-login.php?action=register you ended up in an endless loop between wp-signup and the wp-login page.

    My setup
    WP 2.9.1 single site, upgraded to WP 3.0-alpha and flipped to multi-site.

    WP is installed in http://jorjafox.net/wp/ however it's set to 'run' from http://jorjafox.net/ Now, I know this, by the way, may be the root of all my woes, pun intended. My 'main' blog is blog #3, and the permalinks are set to http://jorjafox.net/wp/YYYY/MM/DD/TITLE, which works fine (if I had it any other way, it wouldn't show that I was logged in, even though I was).

    I 'fixed' this but I'm not really sure what happened here. In the wp-signup.php file, I saw this:

    if ( !is_multisite() ) {
            wp_redirect( get_option( 'siteurl' ) . "/wp-login.php?action=register" );
    if ( !is_main_site() ) {
            wp_redirect( "http://" . $current_site->domain . $current_site->path . "wp-signup.php" );

    So I changed !is_main_site() to is_main_site() and now it works. People can sign up and everything works.

    My guess is that somehow it's not reading my blog #3 as the 'main' site, but I can't fathom how THAT got lost. On Network Options, my Dashboard Blog is blank (I set it to 3 - my main blog - and it 'vanished' back to blank).

  2. Aha.

    Okay, so I forgot to edit my wp-config.php:

    define('SITE_ID_CURRENT_SITE', 3);
    define('BLOGID_CURRENT_SITE', '3' );

    BAM, it works. *sheepish*

    Course that breaks whatever I did to make / work as the main of my blog, but a quick redirect from / to /wp works out okay. I wish I could run WP multisite out of 'root' while being in a subdirectory.

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