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  • Thought I might share these…

    1. Whilst trying to work out why my site was running a bit slow, I turned off Kitten’s Spaminator plugin for a night, as part of the elimination process. I cannot remember the last time I had spam in my comments until that night and whoa – 482 in one night. Suffice to say, Kitten’s Spaminator went back on the moment I opened my email. Thanks very much to Kitten is all I can say 🙂

    2. In spite of the fact there appears to be more and more lists of the WP 1.5 themes showing up around the place [some of which seemto be exact copies I might add], I am still getting over 1000 hits a day from people simply trying to find new themes. Obviously, the whole theme ‘trend’ is booming and at last count I had something like 150 listed. I find it a bit time consuming keeping up with maintaining the list but it would appear that people still use it at the moment.

    3. The Organic Shadows Site Content Awards [better known as the OSSCAS} has been moving along steadiily and we now have somewhere near 50 nominations. Entries close on April 12th so don’t forget to submit your site if you want to be part of the fun.

    WordPress – you just have to love it 🙂

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  • Very timely information, shadow, about the contest. I was wondering how that was coming along.

    Thanks for the update! 🙂

    shadow – for the wider community: can folks nominate blogs other than their own ?

    Yes of course Root.

    Anyone and everyone is allowed as long as it is a WordPress powered site.

    We also ask that each site is limited to a maximum of two categories in the nominations as it was getting a bit our of hand when people submitted their sites in ALL categories.

    The overall response has been excellent so far and the CONTENT of some of the sites has been very very time consuming. In other words – great to read!

    Head over to
    and submit your sites. The judges don’t want to lead normal lives anyway!

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