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    First, LOVE the customizr theme! Thank you for making it look so great! Since upgrading to the new version of customizr, my 3 featured spotlights & slider that were on my home page are now on my home page (which I want) plus my posts page/blog ( which I don’t want. I’ve looked through all the customizr and wordpress settings and can’t seem to find an obvious fix.

    Do you have suggestions for how to remove the 3 featured spotlights and slider from my blog page at I checked the settings in the blog page, the slider, the customizr customizations, etc and they are all set correctly so am not sure what is causing it.

    Thanks so much!

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  • That worked for me. Thanks, nikeo!

    @chandlerleighcom – In your WP admin, go to Appearance -> Editor. In the right column, choose “Theme Functions”

    Paste the code provided above at the bottom of this file. Click the save button.

    That should remove the slider and featured elements from the posts page.

    Hope that helps!



    Thanks, Nic, I tried copying and pasting the code above into my function.php file and it didn’t work. But i’m wondering if it’s that I didn’t insert the code in the right place on the function.php page as honestly i’m not a programmer. Maybe I’m not inserting it in the right place in the code? Thanks.

    BTW, I noticed that you have the 3.0.7 version of customizr available so I updated to that earlier this afternoon hoping it might fix the glitch but it didn’t.



    Thanks so much, @beejaymorgan, your tip worked. I had just put the code in the wrong part of the function.php file. Once I put an “enter” at the end of the code and inserted the additional code that @nikeo gave, it worked. Thanks all!

    Glad to help! 🙂

    Theme Author Nicolas


    This topic is resolved. Bug fixed in new version 3.0.8 (waiting to be set live)



    I’m just posting that I believe this thread is resolved (pardon if I do this incorrectly, this was my first time posting.)

    @regrouped Watch this video or read this. It’s not very intuitive, I agree.

    I had the same problem until I entered the authors code at the very end of the functions.php file. Not sure why that matters but it did for me.

    Okay my child theme doesn’t give me right-column options at all. But the Customizr parent theme does. When I follow the steps (Theme Functions, paste code at bottom) nothing changes. (I have an empty line between the last line, then the extra code begins, just as I copied it above).

    I tried to improvise, and add a closing brace to the original last line before adding the new stuff, and crashed my site and all access to it via WordPress – lol. Had to go into my file manager and find the Theme Functions there and FIX FIX FIX! LOL

    Maybe it’s not working bc of something I did earlier messing around with the blog posts and blog page layout. I’ve been at it all day. There’s no telling! I’m dangerous! LOL

    How strange, I am a reasonably experienced web programmer so adding a fix like this is nothing new to me. However, the fix has worked, but has also removed the slider and featured posts from the homepage as well as the posts page.

    Ignore me, I’m an idiot and hadn’t closed a comment… Is there an *embarrassed* smiley on here?

    This is how the final line reads in my Theme Functions (Parent):

    /* Loads the theme classes framework */
    locate_template( ‘inc/class-customizr-__.php’ ,true,true);
    tc__( ‘customizr’ );//fire the theme

    I’ve added the new code immediately below it, then with a line break between that and the new code, and after putting a closing brace on this code before adding the new. No luck. Since I’m learning how to do all of this via trial and error and the last attempt crashed me out of WP completely, I’m gun-shy. Does anyone know of anything else I should check or do?

    @andyblackburn if you need an embarassed smiley then I need a hurricane avatar.

    So, will the new version allow me to turn off the featured pics on my blog page, but keep the slider?

    Aw man I put the code Nikeo gave here, and now my website is showing all white!! HELP does this mean its all gone? How can i fix it?

    Andrew Nevins


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    Please create your own thread to discuss that.

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