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    First, LOVE the customizr theme! Thank you for making it look so great! Since upgrading to the new version of customizr, my 3 featured spotlights & slider that were on my home page are now on my home page (which I want) plus my posts page/blog ( which I don’t want. I’ve looked through all the customizr and wordpress settings and can’t seem to find an obvious fix.

    Do you have suggestions for how to remove the 3 featured spotlights and slider from my blog page at I checked the settings in the blog page, the slider, the customizr customizations, etc and they are all set correctly so am not sure what is causing it.

    Thanks so much!

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  • In (4)Front Page, I think you may have both a Static Page AND a Post selected.

    Try selecting Home as Static Page and removing Blog from that Front Page selection. You can get to the Blog page from your menu.



    Thanks so much, rdellconsulting. In the Customizr front page selections I have indicated that my posts page is my parenting blog (I tried taking that out but then my blog page doesn’t show up properly), my front page displays a “static page”, and the name of my front page (which is my gooseling home page). Maybe I’m misunderstanding something else I should do there?

    I’m having the same issue… I’ve just installed this theme for a new project and I’m loving it… however, I’m using it as a template for a site, not just a blog, and the slider/featured posts are at the top of the “posts page” as well as the homepage, which I can’t seem to fix.

    What I think you’re looking to do is:

    Home (Cavity Dragons Game)-Blog(Parenting Blog)-Anything Else in your Menu?

    If so, you should be having (4)Front Page pointing at a Static Page = Home, and do not set Posts Page. You’ll have Blog set up in your WP Dashboard>Appearance>Menu and that’s all you need.


    Just checked one of my sites and I’m getting the same as you!

    I’m going to check previous release so bear with me.



    Thanks so much, rdellconsulting, I’ve noticed from past threads how wonderful you are in helping so many people. Appreciate your advice once you’ve had a chance to look further.

    I’ve checked against 3.0.5 and this has changed – I think it is a BUG.

    I’ll alert Nic to it.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the question – I have been working with my Blog appearance for several days and have made so many tweaks I thought I had done something to the blog images to make them show up like the featured ones do. You just saved me a ton of time trying to damage-control! LOL Count me as another waiting on Nic’s reply.



    Thanks so much. Sounds logical to me that it’s a bug. My web site was working totally fine before, then upgraded to WordPress 3.6 and carefully checked all my pages and everything was fine. Then I upgraded to version Customizr 3.0.6 and saw the issue.

    I’m sure Nic will tell us what to do.

    Howdy anyone…out… there..?
    first would like to thank the Creators for this awesome theme! It was exactly what I was looking for.

    I do have a problem,,,could be me and my ‘newbie’ abilities:
    When I click on Customiz’it, I then click on front page, and in there is the slider. My only two options, are a demo slider with sec., and no slider. There are not any options to do anything with the the sliders that I want, such as place an image, and a reason to click on it…
    thank you for any help!

    ReGrouPed – I think they will probably move your question off of this thread in order to keep each thread limited to the same topic, but to quickly answer your question, go to your Media Library, find the image you want to load to your slider, click it, and if you scroll down you should see “Slider Options”. That is where you can add the image to the slider.

    Thank you, will try that…sorry, thought I was on the correct topic.

    Theme Author Nicolas


    @lisa @andyblackburn @rdellconsulting @chandlerleighcom
    this is a bug. I am working on a fix
    Thanks for pointing it out!

    Theme Author Nicolas


    Here is a fix before you upgrade to the next version, copy and paste the following code in your functions.php file (child or main if no child) :

    add_filter('__is_home' , 'home_check_fix');
    function home_check_fix() {
      return ( (is_home() && get_option( 'show_on_front' ) == 'posts' ) || is_front_page() ) ? true : false;

    This should work.
    Hope this helps

    Hmmm…it didn’t work for me. But there’s a greater chance of user-error on my end than it’s just not working. I’ll wait to see if any of the others have success. =)

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